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    Financing with alpha wing bad credit

    Im trying to get an iphone 8 plus and ive got bad credit can anyone estimate my down payment with wing alpha
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    Help!!!!! Bad credit need answers

    I would like to get an iPhone 6s plus with Sprint, setting up a new account. My credit is not so great.What do their deposits look like for bad credit like mine?
  3. Sprint credit check hard or soft? Deposit for average credit score

    I plan on getting the iphone 6s plus from sprint. But i wanted to know to know if there credit checks are hard or soft? And with average credit do they give extreme deposite like $500?
  4. How much would sprint want for a down payment for iphone 6s plus

    I want to get the iphone 6s plus from sprint but i have bad credit. Ny score is 540 (ik its bad) but how much would sprint want for a down payment i want to have a estimate so i can go in prepared
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