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  1. Latest Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 12..4 and Lower Version

    This is a List For iOS jailbreak apps on iOS 12.4 jailbreak, Best Cydia tweaks you can have after you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

    With the public release of iOS 13 right...
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    If no KEY3, what will you get?

    Anyone have a handset in mind for their next upgrade? My K2 is in pretty rough shape, so I'm trying to figure out what I'll do if/when they officially announce no K3.

    I came across the new...
  3. Complete Guide On YouTube Vanced Magisk Root

    Finally, I found the complete Guide on Youtube Vanced. Previously I was confused about this app. I hope this guide will help someone who is interested in Youtube Vanced.

    Youtube Vanced is the...
  4. Checkra1n Jailbreak, The Newest One In Family

    The release of Checkra1n, the world’s first jailbreak for devices running Apple’s iOS 13. Because jailbreaks are so powerful and by definition disable a host of protections built into the OS, many...
  5. Checkra1n Jailbreak To Cydia Download iOS 13.3

    Have you already upgraded your device to the latest iOS 13.3? Then the next task to do is install Cydia Download iOS 13.3 on the device. Cydia brings you the best third-party apps and tweaks for...
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    Latest Xcode 7.3 Download

    Xcode 11 includes everything you need to create amazing apps and to bring your apps to even more devices. Take advantage of SwiftUI, an all-new user interface framework with a declarative Swift...
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    Jailbreak iOS 13 Possibilities

    Apple released the third update for iOS 13 at the end of 2019. Have you received the notification or have you already installed the update?. The latest update comes with solutions for several bugs...
  8. Thread: Cydia

    by Kellyz9-

    Yes, Cydiaelite is one of the trustworthy online...

    Yes, Cydiaelite is one of the trustworthy online jailbreak tool available at this moment.
  9. Simple Guide To Download Cydia Installer Free

    Where do you install apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? I bet, your answer would be the Apple app store. Yes, it is the default app store for all iOS devices, but the fact is Apple app store...
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    Cant enable RCS on pixel 2

    Anyone else hit the issue where you go to the set RCS flags page and can't scroll? I can set the two settings needed but can't scroll down to see apply. I've tried clearing cache on carrier services...
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    WiFi calling iPhone XS Max

    Anyone experiencing problems with WiFi calling on the iPhone XS Max? It seems to keep cutting in and out, and I checked all my WiFi hardware and even on different networks. I normally use att...
  12. Download Cydia iOS 13 With Semi-jailbreak Tool

    If you are wondering whether what is Cydia, it is the best third-party app store for iDevices. Apple app store is the default app store for all iDevices. But the problem with that is, Apple app store...
  13. No, but I will try it

    No, but I will try it
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    New Cydia Installer Update For iOS 13

    If you are interested in jailbreak your iPhone, I just sew a new online semi-jailbreak tool to get Cydia installer from website. Has anyone tried it? Let me know how it...
  15. Do you use "Photos Capture Outside the Frame"?

    Is there any downside to using this feature? it came useful a dozen of times where i zoomed out while editing many of the photos i took with my 11 Pro on a recent hiking trip and when i zoomed out...
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    iPad getting the wrong text messages

    Ok this one has me a little stumped. My friend just got an iPhone (11 Max) from her work, she also has a personal phone, iPhone (not sure which), that she will soon give up. She also has an iPad. All...
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    Slow WiFi Speed on iPhone X

    There is a slow wifi speed on my new iPhone X. It takes a long time to load Instagram and youtube videos. Then I'm trying to toggle my wife off and that button also not working. I found this issue...
  18. Screentime- why is each device not showing one combined total

    Hi is anyone noticing that screen times across iOS iPad os and Mac OS are all showing different amounts and not combined and matching across all devices as they are meant to.

    I have "Share across...
  19. Screentime - why is each device not showing one combined total

    Hi is anyone noticing that screen times across iOS iPad os and Mac OS are all showing different amounts and not combined and matching across all devices as they are meant to.

    I have "Share across...
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    Why Samsung A10 does not working properly

    So Samsung Axx series is popular as a budget mobile phone or an economically easy phone. My friend bought a one recently and it worked just fine. Now its been 2 weeks and it started to acting weird...
  21. Yes, I tried the new update.

    Yes, I tried the new update.
  22. Where is upcoming music in the new music app?

    I was forced to update my phone to iOS 13 due to some issue with my phone screen and apple wiping it.

    Now, I cannot swipe down on the music app to reveal the upcoming music. I used this all the...
  23. Has anyone encountered network problems with Apple TV 4K?

    Specifically, has anyone encountered an issue with it not connecting to the internet via Ethernet, whether directly to the cable modem or while connected to a router? Since day one, it’s been...
  24. How do you (or will you) pay attention to the iphone 11 series?

    The iPhone series has been on the market for a while.

    How do you plan to buy (or buy) and how much discount or gift you get?

    Entity access? Network? Official website? What card feedback?...
  25. Should I turn off auto-update of the apps

    My galaxy note 3 is stuck at Android 5.1 version but the apps still keep (auto-)updating. Should I stop updating the apps? Thanks.
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