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  1. Verizon reaches 175M milestone with 5G Ultra Wideband

    As promised, Verizon now covers more than 175 million people with its 5G Ultra Wideband service. The next big goal: Make its Ultra Wideband service nationwide in the first quarter of 2023.

  2. ATT urges FCC not to grant T-Mobile’s latest 2.5 GHz licenses

    AT&T argues that the FCC should deny T-Mobile’s long-form application or condition its grant on...
  3. Verizon to buy West Central Wireless in Texas
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    T-Mobile joins AT&T in fiber fever

    T-Mobile is reportedly working with Citigroup to find partners to invest up to $4 billion to build...
  5. Does this mean we'll see VoNR soon?

    Does this mean we'll see VoNR soon?
  6. Airlines start asking for permanent changes to C-band 5G

    Verizon officials sought to downplay the topic.

    "We continue to have positive discussions with the FAA and FCC, and progress is being made," Verizon officials wrote in a statement to Light Reading...
  7. Verizon’s new $30 concierge charge for phone setup
  8. Sticky: DOD C Band Active 5G+ n77
  9. Ford and T-Mobile Test Autonomous Tech
  10. More info...172354

    More info...172354
  11. Verizon redefines no-contract wireless with Total by Verizon
  12. Goldman Sachs Strikes Credit Card Deal With T-Mobile
  13. T-Mobile Will Deploy New 2.5 GHz Spectrum ASAP
  14. T-Mobile allows the Helium Mobile ‘crypto carrier’ to ride on its 5G network
  15. T-Mobile’s $1 Wireline sale to Cogent includes 40 data centers totaling 400,000 sq ft
  16. Charter halts ads claiming its download speeds are 20x faster than AT&T's

    Resolving yet another ad-related spat involving competing broadband service providers, Charter Communications has agreed to discontinue TV commercials claiming that it delivers download speeds that...
  17. T-Mobile CEO marks progress in decommissioning Sprint n

    T-Mobile is less than two and a half years into the completion of its merger with Sprint, and it’s substantially decommissioned the entire Sprint network, a goal that was supposed to have been...
  18. Verizon’s Vestberg says 3Q wireless net adds will be negative again

    Vestberg also said that Verizon’s churn is also on the rise in response to the price hikes in some of the company’s rate plans.
  19. Looks like Verizon was stuck purchasing these...

    Looks like Verizon was stuck purchasing these despite trying to dump them at the last minute.
  20. The results are in: T-Mobile dominates FCC's 2.5GHz auction

    T-Mobile walked away with the vast majority of the 2.5GHz spectrum licenses up for grabs in the FCC's recent Auction 108.

    Indeed, the operator spent $304 million in the auction, and it won 90% of...
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    Sticky: Well deserved! ;-) Sent from my iPhone using...

    Well deserved! ;-)

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  22. T-Mobile giving away 3 months of unlimited data in iPhone 14 switcher campaign

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  23. Finally, a U.S. carrier – T-Mobile – touts the power of eSIM
  24. T-Mobile calls out its rivals for banning discounts for seniors


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  25. This is actually old news. Surprised I never saw...

    This is actually old news. Surprised I never saw it.
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