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  1. Still would like one with replaceable battery,...

    Still would like one with replaceable battery, even if its a year old, I am willing to buy a used one since my GS5 is 3 years old already.
  2. Seeking a METRO Phone with 64GB Internal Memory + SDCard --Any suggestions??

    I'm interested in switching from Sprint to Metro b/c of the attractive plans, however it's hard to give up my old Galaxy S5 unless the new phone is a bigger upgrade in internal space.

  3. MetroWEB From Kyocera Strobe ONto Laptop/Desktop.. IS IT POSSIBLE?

    A couple of the posts I read made me think.. is it possible to connect to the internet using metroweb from my Strobe onto my computer?? If so, how do u do it? Where to go about in doing the setup? ...
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