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    Snake Game - real classic!

    When was the last time you played the classic Snake Game? Remember playing Hungry Snake on Nokia 3310? It's on App Store and now it has 4 worlds and 3 ways to play.

    Download link: Snake Game
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    Monkey King - Banana Games

    If you thought you had good reflexes, check out this game and put your skills to a test. Monkey King - Banana Games is a funny, yet addictive game for everyone. Quite difficult to make progress,...
  3. My Talking Pinocchio

    Now you can play with your favorite childhood character Pinocchio in the game My Talking Pinocchio. He is fun and playful just like in a fairytale. Take care of him and let him cheer your kids up!...
  4. My Talking Elly

    My Talking Elly is a cute and fun game for the little ones. It features an adorable baby elephant you can play with, talk to, feed, bathe and much more. Get the game and watch your baby elephant grow...
  5. My Talking Dog - Virtual Pet [iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch] [FREE]

    Hey animal lovers! We would like to introduce to you the cutest puppy ever - talking dog Charlie! If you don’t have time for a real pet My Talking Dog - Virtual Pet is a game for you! Want to play...
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    Beat the Dictators - Windows Phone FREE game

    Beat the Dictators is a funny, relaxing, stress relief game created to help its users blow off some steam and have some fun. The game is fun and addictive and can be downloaded from the Windows Phone...
  7. Red Hands - 2 Player Game for EVERYONE [iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch] [FREE]

    Red Hands is one of the best classic games we used to play for fun. Agree? It's in top trending games on Google Play, and it's on App Store now: Red Hands - 2-Player Game.

    Link for free download:...
  8. [FREE] Red Hands - 2-Player Game [OLD SCHOOL GAMES]

    Red Hands is one of the best classic games we used to play for fun. Agree? It's on Windows Phone Store now: Red Hands - 2-Player Game.

    Link for free download: Red Hands - 2-Player Games
  9. My Talking Kitty Cat - Virtual Pet Games for Kids [iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch] [FREE]

    My Talking Kitty Cat, a 3D virtual pet talking game with almost half a billion downloads on Google Play, is on App Store, too!

    Download My Talking Kitty Cat on App Store FREE:...
  10. Poodle Jump 2 - Happy Jumping [DOODLE GAMES FOR KIDS]

    Poodle Jump is back! New doodle jumping game, Poodle Jump 2 - Happy Jumping, a sequel of Poodle Jump is on App Store! Try it out!

    Download Poodle Jump 2 on App Store free:...
  11. Happy Poodle Jump - Fun Jumping Game for Kids [FREE]

    Hey everyone! Poodle Jump is a highly addicting game!!!

    Download the game from the App Store: Poodle Jump: Fun Jumping Games

    This is why you’ll love Poodle Jump - Fun Jumping Games

    - Doodle...
  12. I am Bored - Mini Game for iPhone & iPad [FREE]

    I am Bored is a new mini game with a simple gameplay. It has been designed to kill boredom, but has an addicting notch. :)

    By tapping the screen and bouncing off the walls, you earn points and...
  13. Talking Pig Oinky - Virtual Talking Pet Game for Kids [iPhone & iPad]

    If you liked Talking Monkey, then you will certainly like our new game - Talking Pig Oinky - Virtual Pet! Since the piggy likes to play, we have included some mini games in the game, such as Piggy...
  14. Talking Monkey Chimpy - My Funny Virtual Pet Friend

    We've created one more talking game - Talking Monkey Chimpy! We think this is the best talking game for iOS we've made so far, cause not only will he repeat everything you say, he will also challenge...
  15. Talking Dog Max

    Talking Dog Max is a fun game for kids. They can play with Max and he will bark, jump and repeat what they say in a funny voice. They can also play dress up games with Max. It is a simple game, but...
  16. You're welcome. We're glad they like the game :)

    You're welcome. We're glad they like the game :)
  17. Talking Cat - Funny Virtual Pet

    Talking Cat Toby is a funny game for toddlers and kids. It is a cool game for the little ones who like playing with cats. They can dress Toby up, pet, poke or tease him to see what he will do. They...
  18. Math vs Dinosaurs Game for Kids - App Store [FREE]

    Math vs Dinosaurs is an educational game for kids with math exercises and dinosaur history.

    60 levels
    12 dinosaur bosses
    All math operations
    Decimal numbers

    Free link:...
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    Undead vs. Plants – Free Ricochet Shooter

    Undead vs. Plants is a new shooting game. Use ricochet kills to shoot all the plants and move through the levels. Get ready, aim and shoot to help the zombie kill all the plants in this physics...
  20. [APP STORE] Undead vs Plants - Cool Ricochet Gunner Shooting Game [iPhone & iPad]

    Undead vs Plants - Cool Ricochet Gunner Shooting Game is a new awesome zombie game. Ricochet kills on 150 levels. Stupid plants versus Zombie Rambo... Dare to try... :) It's actually very...
  21. The game is now available for Windows Phone as...

    The game is now available for Windows Phone as well. Check it out here: Math Duel
  22. [NEW APPS ON APP STORE]Talking games with animals – free apps for iPhone and iPad

    A new fun talking app Talking Baby Bear was released yesterday and is now on the App Store along with Talking Dragon Game.

    Talking Baby Bear and the little dragon are virtual pets who'll talk to...
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    [GAME][FREE] Mastermind Code Breaker

    Hello everybody. Another game developed by Peaksel has arrived on the App Store. If you are looking for free brain game for kids and adults, Mastermind Board Game is here for you to play it on your...
  24. [FREE] Zeus vs. Monsters- Math Saves Mt. Olympus

    Hello everyone.

    We are proud to present another game of ours that has just been released on iOS market. Zeus vs. Monsters is a fun educational game which combines math and Greek mythology. The...
  25. Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem Free War Zone on iOS

    Hello. We have just released a new game for iOS market and are excited to present it to you.

    Monster Killer: Shooter Mayhem is a fun shooting game for children. Yet, it is addictive enough to be...
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