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  1. Galaxy Fold receives Android 10 update. New files coming soon to all countries.

    France was the first country that received new update for Samsung Galaxy Fold.

    The new firmware sports version F900FXXU3BTCD and brings in the March 2020 Android security patch along with One UI...
  2. Even lower smartphone sales incoming. India closes iPhone production for 21 days.

    Unfortunatelly we have some bad news for all iPhone lovers. The biggest country produces smartphone components has stopped producing parts for the device.

    The situation doesn't look good, because...
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    Motorola IMEI check warranty

    We have just updated database to check warranty Motorola IMEI.
    Now supported are all models like E6s, G8, Moto G Stylus, G Power, Razr 2019 etc.
    Every motorola smartphone comes with a one year...
  4. Good news for older iPhone models. New iOS 12.4.6 has been released.

    Yesterday we informed about new system update for all new iPhone products. This time we have good new for all users who own older devices.

    Apple has just started sending new files, which will make...
  5. Apple releases new iOS and iPadOS 13.4 for all users.

    Apple an american giant always supports their devices and makes them more user friendly.

    This time Apple has released new iOS version as well as iPadOS 13.4 files.

    There are a lot of changes...
  6. Samsung S20 network check for free.

    Samsung S20 warranty check can be done by

    Do you need to know Samsung S20 warranty period, capacity or color ?

    You can do it fast and easy by typing your Samsung S20 IMEI number in...
  7. New Sony services arrives, more devices to be unlocked.

    We have great news for all Sony owners that had problems with unlocking the network blockade.

    Our website SIM-UNLOCK.NET has a brand new service wich supports more Sony models right now. The new...
  8. Free iPhone IMEI checker, check warranty iPhone, Apple warranty check Read more: htt

    New upadate for iPhone warranty check now you will get more info about warranty date

    IMEI 358801096XXXXXX
    Serial number *********XM6
    Model iPhone XR
    Capacity 128GB
    Color White
    Name A2108...
  9. One Plus 7 Pro 5G receives an android update from Sprint.

    Good news coming from american company Sprint. They have just started rolling out the newest Android version for all One Plus 7 Pro 5G units.

    If your device doesn't download the update...
  10. BlackListed IMEI checker all models supported

    Blacklist IMEI checker service allows you to check if device has been reported as lost or stolen.

    There are many reasons why imei is added on Blacklisted, the device could be lost or stolen,...
  11. New classic on the market Nokia 5310 coming back.

    HMD has done it again Nokia 5310 is back and alive. All Nokia lovers will be happy to know that the well known model 5310 is availbale on the market.

    The device has a VGA camera at the back and a...
  12. iPhone simlock status locked or unlocked

    IMEI24 has the largest database of phone information. Now we support iPhone lock or unlocked simlock status for all iOS version and models, even iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Iphone 11 Pro Max.

  13. Google pay expands its banks and credit uniouns to nearly 2,400.

    Google is a method of payment used in the USA that allows the user to pay by his own phone.

    After Apple pay which is the dominating company in the USA, Google pay is the second one on the list.
  14. Nokia 1.3 might arrive soon, some details and rumores.

    On March 19 HMD is said to present the first ever Nokia 5G device.

    However it is not the only model stated to arrive. We also heard rumores about Nokia 1.3.

    The new model is said to have a...
  15. What to do to make sure that your iPhone is original ?

    What to do to make sure that your iPhone is original

    Sometimes, you may wonder about whether or not your iPhone is a genuine item. Maybe the letters in its logo are curved in the wrong way, or the...
  16. New news about iPhone 12. New camera and features.

    Thanks to 9to5Mac we have new information about the upcoming iPhone 12 models.

    The new devices will have a new Time of Flight 3D camera sensor.

    A Time of Flight sensor will change the way the...
  17. Samsung coming with a new fix for S20 models.

    We have great news for all Samsung owners.

    The company is already working on a new update that will help in fixing overheating issues while wirelessly charging with a Qi charger, camera app...
  18. iPhone IMEI check, is iPhone locked, iPhone blacklist check, free IMEI check online best IMEI checker working 24h per 7 days

    iPhone IMEI check show full info about your iPhone warranty and full parameters details.

    Script to check is iPhone locked or unlocked give...
  19. Updated version for Samsung check service

    SAMSUNG Warranty Country Carrier Checker UPDATED

    You can check if your Samsung is under warranty and where it comes from by entering IMEI number.

    Samsung warranty check service is absolutely...
  20. Lenovo warranty IMEI check for free

    IMEI check for Lenovo devices supports all smarthphones.
    Lenovo offers 12 months worth of warranty with its new smartphones.

    Lenovo IMEI checker allows You to check product name, Country,...
  21. APPLE iPhone warranty IMEI check for the latest 13 iOS

    iOS 13 is the Apple's newest operating system for iPhones and iPads.

    The Apple Limited Warranty covers your iPhone and Apple-branded accessories against manufacturing defects for one year from the...
  22. IMEI check, free IMEI checker, updated !! was founded few years ago.

    After this time I add many IMEI check scripts.

    Site growns year by year but needed refresh.

    Let me introduce new version of best IMEI checker !!
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    HTC warranty IMEI check

    Now You can find out the Warranty Status of HTC device for free.
    Warranty Checker is such helpful option to check the warranty status of HTC devices, before buying a product from 2nd hand.

  24. Samsung warranty & Carrier IMEI check

    We have just updated the database to check network and country where the samsung device comes from.

    IMEI checker includes information such as carrier, warranty, model. Supported are all Samsung...
  25. The first free service to check the Xiaomi warranty

    Now You can find out the Warranty Status of Xiaomi device for free.
    Warranty Checker is such helpful option to check the warranty status of Xiaomi devices, before buying a product from 2nd hand.
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