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  1. TuneWiki 2.2 J2ME Auth Record not Found

    I know I should be posting this on TuneWiki's forums and support base, but I've sent them three e-mails, and their forum is impossible to long onto (I made an account using my Facebook *and* using my...
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    So... I downloaded iRadio and it installed, but...

    So... I downloaded iRadio and it installed, but it gives me a HTTP error when I hit 'LoadAllStations' Anyway how to fix that? My phone's version is VM510PV7.
  3. ST is the devil. Period.

    I'm not really surprised that ST had those provisions in their ToS (which my dad never read, because my sister conned him into getting us those phones). I had the Samsung T401G slider and it could do...
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