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  1. Computers: I Now Understand That It Is A Hirose MS-156

    For any who may stumble upon this...

    It appears to be a Hirose MS-156:

    Here are the spec's, in a PDF file, from Hirose.

    On the Novatel Mifi 2200, the "male" receptacle is probably a...
  2. What About a "Pay As You Go" plan, on GSM?

    We don't know about the O.P...

    As we all know, VoIP has nothing to do with the GSM MVNO carrier.

    For those of us not piggybacking on free WiFi, what's the best GSM deal for heavy data use, and...
  3. Thanks for the reply, LargePrime! Well, I now...

    Thanks for the reply, LargePrime!

    Well, I now have access to a desktop, albeit locked-down. I should be able to find someone with the right software...

    While I could get extended batteries...
  4. What should I do, current HTC TP2, or upgrade...???

    I have trouble navigating the stickies, and some other sites block mobile IPs...

    I've been using an HTC Touch Pro 2 (HTC TP2), with stock WM 6.1 rom, WMWifiRouter, Opera Mini, and some aftermarket...
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    It it better to be a mushroom, or a troll, putting in your 2s?

    ...for a higher "thread count", try Egyptian Cotton linen.

    You know what they say about mushrooms? They're kept in the dark and fed that which has been $hat.

    The idea, in a moderated forum, is...
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    What's that? Screw the customer?

    You're glad they are double screwing the customer?

    Have you ever been to a resturant with PAY toilets? You paid to EAT the meal and now you've no choice but pay to eliminate the "leftovers". ;-P ...
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    New Boost TOS

    I just received the text about new Boost Mobile Terms and Conditions.

    Current - Effective SUN 04 NOV 2012:

    New -...
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    Data Cable for Axesstel PG130F ?


    I have an unbranded Axesstel PG130F fixed wireles GSM deskphone, capable of G3 fax and data.

    Unfortunately the 24 pin data cable and CD were not shipped with units delivered in the...
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    I've looked at XDA developers... I'm not sure...

    I've looked at XDA developers... I'm not sure where the active thread lies, if there is any.

    From what I understand, most, if not all of the 'droid builds for the TP2 do not cover the GSM radio....
  10. VM Novatel MiFi 2200: MSL, Firmware, External Antenna, etc...

    So I've had this thing for a while, now gathering dust.

    I've cracked the case, CAREFULLY, with thumbnails.
    Better pictures to follow, for the curious.

    It's been a while but I remember having...
  11. Computers: Smk: Ts-9? Ts-10? Ts-11? Ts-12?

    The connectors look much like some made by SMK, such as: TS-9, TS-10, TS-11, TS-12.

    I wondered if anyone knew how to tell, or could...
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    Excuse my not being up to speed.... So, it's...

    Excuse my not being up to speed....

    So, it's no longer taboo to discuss ESN/IMEI "repair"/changing, on HoFo?

    I believe I have read, elsewhere that the legal issue has been put to bed, multiple...
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    What is the throttled speed?

    It's probably been mentioned MANY times elsewhere... But, could someone list the speeds, when throttled, if known, on 4G?, 3G EVDO; and, if it's even possible to be any slower, 1xRTT?
  14. Dealing with BM...

    Forget that you are most often connected to a call center in the Philippines, or Sonora, Mexico, where language is often a barrier. The call centers in California or Texas are just as much a crap...
  15. I think I had the same issue, a couple months back... Fixed!

    Mine stopped working too.

    I was tethering via bluetooth.

    I couldn't figure it out.

    I even did a "Hard Reset" (HTC TP2, WiMo 6.1), which wipes the phone, back to factory settings, but that...
  16. Computers: External Antenna for Netgear WNCE2001 Ethernet Client Bridge?

    I have a couple of the Netgear WNCE2001 devices, which act as a WiFi client, and connect via an RJ-45 ethernet jack to your computer, or LAN.

    After carefully opening the case, I find two...
  17. If You Want Something Done Right...

    It is said that, "If you want something done right, do it yourself!"

    I've chatted with people from the world over, on forums and In Real Life; who have told me that common sense is not just dying...
  18. Hard to believe...

    I found it hard to believe myself, so I called C.S. before having the switch done. The rep said there was not an option for the 10/minute. It was only a few days earlier that another rep said I...
  19. Change of Handset :(

    How long ago did you make those accounts CDMA, with Sprint branded handsets, happyjack?

    Remember that a carrier can change their TOS at ANY time. I noticed a thread on AT&T prepad data where a...
  20. Boo$t $ay$ $how me the monie$!

    Oh yeah, it's active / activated and there's enough money on the account.

    Boost still wants to see dollar signs $$$.
    They don't mind me paying, even if I'm not getting the web service.

  21. Anyone know how to bypass the annoying ? HTC Touch Pro 2

    I've had my Sprint branded, HTC Touch Pro 2 / II / two activated on Boost Mobile for almost 2 weeks, well beyond the delay for data provisioning.

    I can't seem to find many references to where...
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    Anyone know how to bypass ??

    I can't seem to find many references to where Sprint CDMA phones on Boost Mobile redirect to boost cellmania and nothing I found offered a solution to solve the problem.

    Here's the link:...
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    Is this still the deal?

    I tried the default homepage on the handset, for Sprint, /powerdeck I think.

    After entering my Boost Mobile phone number, there was a link that read "touch" and the other read "Boost Home"

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    Plans I'm not really sure how to connect with people...

    I'm not really sure how to connect with people who have the right answers on this forum.

    Last time, I found a couple posters who lived under a bridge but it seemed that the biggest billy goat...
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    HTC Touch Pro 2 on Boost redirects to

    I activated an HTC Touch Pro 2 / II / two on Boost Mobile CDMA, over a week ago.

    On most every website, I get redirected to:

    I had...
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