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  1. I used some online jailbreak method from this...

    I used some online jailbreak method from this website - for my iPad mini. So could I Jailbreak it again with this method? Is it OK?
  2. It is a good article about youtube vanced. But...

    It is a good article about youtube vanced. But you forgot to mention Appzule as a place to download both youtube vanced and youtube ++. Click here to visit that website.
  3. Thread: Cydia

    by Elsa Bailey

    there are online jailbreak methods such as...

    there are online jailbreak methods such as that allow you to download Cydia without actually jailbreak the device.
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    Huawei Y9 Pro

    I disappointed with this device. because I got it for the properties it has. But soon I realize it is not much great as it seems. There is an issue with a fingerprint lock. It can be unlocked by...
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    This was so useless. And if it is not a Russian...

    This was so useless. And if it is not a Russian or Korean people do it we never consider it is suspicious or anything. And I agree with you. What a time to be alive!
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    Huawei Y9 Pro camera issues

    It supposed to have a high-quality camera but all the videos have a wave-like effect when I watched them again. How to fix this?
  7. How to root Android - Rooting with Magisk and installing Custom ROM

    Android rooting is not only focusing on gaining root privileges but also many more than that. As an example, flashing custom ROMs is one of the main tasks. But to do this we have to use efficient...
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    Could not connect the dongle to PC

    I have this Huawei dongle. Whenever I connect it to PC the screen started to blink. its windows 10. The laptop is an Acer E15. it won't stop either we restart it or remove the dongle. This is a new...
  9. Samsung A10 Touch screen wont working properly

    So Samsung Axx series is popular as a budget mobile phone or an economically easy phone. My friend bought a one recently and it worked just fine. Now its been 2 weeks and its started to acting weird...
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    Best app for block ads

    I used to download films and tv series from torrent sites. Pop up ads are being so annoying for me. Can anyone recommend me a good adblocker? It doesn't matter even if it is a paid app.
  11. Is it wise to save my credit card details in google?

    Is it safe to save my credit card in the google pay when I'm playing games? Cause if we mistakenly press the buy button on the game is it deduct the money? This has happened to me once now. it did...
  12. Hello fellas, I actually wonder if this forum...

    Hello fellas,

    I actually wonder if this forum is still alive or not? Because there was a time whenever someone posts anything they got at least one answer. now it falls down to 0 most of the time....
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    Actually, I really have no idea about what are...

    Actually, I really have no idea about what are you saying. Can you be a little bit specific and clear? Thanks.
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    cant download apps more than 1 GB

    I don't know if this is an issue of the network or issue of the application. Whenever I'm trying to download an application more 1GB to my new Android mobile phone which has 128Gb internal memory it...
  15. Is there any hardware issues with Huawei Y 30 prime Pop up camera?

    So I was thinking about buying a Samsung A30 but all changed when I go to the mobile store and got to know about Huawei Y9 Prime mobile phone. I like all the features including camera, fingerprint...
  16. What is the better one between Samsung A30 and A20?

    So I'm thinking to buy a Samsung A30. But when I searched about it A20 is almost the same except for the memory capacity and price. I have a lot of apps that wanted in my day to day life. You can...
  17. How to root Android - Magisk with Odin and TWRP for a Samsung Galaxy

    Android rooting is not a simple mechanism but yet it is not so complicated such as anyone could not understand what is this and how it's done. Anybody can do it with a few kinds of research and a...
  18. How to root Android with CF-Auto-Root complete guide

    When we are talking about Android rooting it is really important to select a proper third party tool and the proper guide with correct instructions. So I hope this guide about CF auto root will be a...
  19. Cydia Download - Best Repos and Apps you could get by it

    If you are an Apple user for a long time then there isn't the way you couldn't hear about Cydia. It is the ultimate app store that defaults downloaded by iOS jailbreaking. Almost all the jailbreaking...
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    How to root Android with Framaroot

    The root is the superuser that has all the administration privileges including modifying the operating system. So rooting means simply gain that liberty. So as an Android user what are the benefits...
  21. How to download Cydia for free with Uncover for iOS 12 - 12.1.2

    Eventually, iOS technology getting advanced and advanced. So finding an exploit that can jailbreak can be an impossible task. But with Uncover we have the ability to jailbreak iOS 12 to ios 12.1.2...
  22. Phone display was dim and eventually gone completely dark

    yesterday one of my mobile phones got wet mistakenly. I dry it and after like one hour the display begins to blink. Then eventually it went completely dark. I tried to restart it. it restarted but no...
  23. I had a similar issue with a Samsung J1. When I...

    I had a similar issue with a Samsung J1. When I put it to the speaker it eventually lowering its voice. I did not consider it that much. Because generally, it works well. I wonder why anyone doesn't...
  24. one of my friends got this as a gift long ago....

    one of my friends got this as a gift long ago. She still uses it without a scratch. It built for the extremes.

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    Is Magisk Manager APK compatible with oreo?

    Is Magisk Manager APK compatible with oreo?
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