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    Rogers SIM cards

    Did rogers ever use 5V SIM cards? If so does anyone have a picture of what they look like and for sale (brand new only)
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    Wanted Nokia 2190 batteries and charger

    Looking for working nokia 2190 batteries, higher capacity the better, also looking for a ACH-4U charger for the Nokia 2190.
  3. Could you unlock my Ericsson CA638 which is locked to fido microcell ?

    Hi Could you unlock my ericsson ca638 phone? locked to fido microcell connextions?

    Please Pm me, thanks

  4. Yeah found out the old simcards were different...

    Yeah found out the old simcards were different voltage so i ordered an older sim card
  5. Hey Fido, i've already talked to fido they said...

    Hey Fido,
    i've already talked to fido they said we don't have the unlock for this exact phone, also i believe the unlock is through a data cable
    let me know you could unlock it, the phone is from...
  6. Nokia 2190E looking to unlock mine or purchase a unlocked one

    Got a Nokia 2190E locked to fido, When i try putting in a fido sim card after a few seconds it says sim rejected, which i do not understand because the sim card is a fido simcard, i tried to unlock...
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