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    Galaxy S4 help

    Well shattered screen and changed the screen out myself..everything was fine until I realized I broke the electronic film feeds the menu, home, and back button. So now I can not use any of those at...
  2. I totally agree. After being on Sprint for about...

    I totally agree. After being on Sprint for about 15 years, I just switched over to Verizon. I should have done this along time ago. We dont even have 4g on sprint here locally. The 3g sucks. I think...
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    Take over double data plan for free

    plan consists of: 59.99 for 450 nationwide minutes, 30.00 for unlimited text and 4gb of data. This is double data plan promotion. 30.00 is for 2 gb but you get 4 gb of data with this account....
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    WTB: Verizon double data plan

    Looking for anyone that is wanting to give away their verizon double data plan. I am ready to takeover is someone is wanting to get rid of it. Please msg me on here or email me at rock71201 at yahoo.
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