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  1. For Sale: FS: Silver LG G5 H831 Pentaband Smartphone Unlocked WIND MOBILE

    I have a LG G5 for sale. It is in good condition (8/10). Bottom case module has some scuffing, however the screen is in 10/10 condition, no scratches as with the rest of the phone. The minute the...
  2. For Sale: asdfasdfasdfasdf

  3. For Sale: asdfasdfasdfasdf

  4. For Sale: asdfasdfasdf

  5. For Sale: Now unlocked!!

    Now unlocked!!
  6. For Sale: asdfasdfasdf

  7. For Sale: BNIB Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB White - $420 (TELUS RECERTIFIED)

    Selling a BNIB White Samsung Galaxy S3, 16GB version (refurb). Locked to telus currently. It is the non-pentaband version, so will not work with Wind or Mobilicity carriers.

    Everything you see in...
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