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  1. Battery replacement when no longer holds a charge

    I'm not so much concerned with replacing the battery during the day. I want to be able to replace it when it no longer holds a charge. If people want to replace their phones after a year or so when...
  2. Possibly Google Sync is the culprit

    Are you using Google Sync to back up your contacts, tasks, etc? If so, it may be the culprit. It transfers data over the internet to sync in the background at regular intervals. If you are using it,...
  3. I had always been impressed with T-Mo customer...

    I had always been impressed with T-Mo customer service until the last couple of months, Now they are noticeably more hard-nosed. I doubt it's because of low morale but more a function of orders from...
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    See my posting under T-Mo "rants." There really...

    See my posting under T-Mo "rants." There really seems to be something going on at T-Mo since the announcement of the buy-out by AT&T. Their customer service attitude is noticeably less conciliatory....
  5. Something strange appears to be going on with...

    Something strange appears to be going on with T-Mo. First, I recently traveled to Prague and asked a customer service rep to turn on the Blackberry International Email Plan. The rep at first said...
  6. White screen - once

    Just to go on the record, I, too, have experienced one occasion on which my BB 9700 went to a white screen in the middle of a call. I had to do a battery pull to get it going again. I have owned the...
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    T-Mobile international e-mail plan in Mexico

    I recently traveled to Mexico and activated the international e-mail plan. I was getting answers like "I would think XYZ" when I asked the rep for specifics, so I asked for a supervisor since I...
  8. When Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) opens...

    When Google Voice (formerly Grand Central) opens up to new members, it will probably do what you want. Current members can send SMS's free from the site, and I believe incoming messages are also free.
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    Reverse look up

    It's not automatic, but you could just enter thephone number into Google and have it do the reverse look up.
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    Scratch remover

    To remove the scratch on the screen, you might try Simichrome or a similar product. It is a VERY mildly abrasive polish that works for most scratches. You may have to apply it a few times to work out...
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    APN setting disables native browser and Opera Mini

    Bolt was not working until I took someone's advice on this forum and changed the APN setting to Then Opera Mini and the native Blackberry browser would not work. Deleting ""...
  12. Unlimited international e-mail plan

    The unlimited international e-mail plan is $19.99/month or any part thereof. You can start it and stop it for any period of time. T-Mobile says it may take up to 48 hours to implement, so it's best...
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    Canada is not the only place Slacker isn't working

    I'm in Pennsylvania. (Just as a point of interest, I know that streaming on Slacker won't work in Canada, but I assume downloading via computer and playing it later will. Correct?)
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    Slacker Radio sits there buffering

    I downloaded Slacker Radio to my BB Curve 8320 (twice). It seemed to load easily and looks nice, but when I try to access a station (i.e., a music genre), it just sits there and says "buffering." I...
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    Answering my own question: In case anyone faces...

    Answering my own question: In case anyone faces the same problem, here's how to fix it. I found the simplest way was to uninstall DocsToGo (delete DocsToGo, do a battery pull with the BB on, put the...
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    Doc2Go update fails to install

    When I try to update Docs2Go to ver 1.0050, the installation fails.The Word and PPT functions work fine, but I cannot upgrade Docs2Go to get the Excel function. I am running OS on a Curve...
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    Answering my own question

    I found the answer to my own question, so I thought I'd post it in case anyone else runs into the same problem. (I often talk to myself since other people often don't listen and I end up talking to...
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    Missing icons not hidden

    I should have mentioned that -- the missing icons are not hidden. When I do "Show All" they are still missing. But as I said, they show up if I try a different theme, and these applications are in...
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    Icons gone on one theme

    I moved two icons (for Google Maps and Nav4all) on my desktop using the Zen theme, and these icons disappeared. They show up and I can access the programs if I change to a different theme. How do I...
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