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  1. As it stands, I'm paying ~$200 per month for 2...

    As it stands, I'm paying ~$200 per month for 2 lines. I could be paying about half that. I'd be paying at least $50 less if I could convert it.
  2. Can you still convert Granfathered UDP to Data-only Jetpack hotspot accounts?

    A friend of mine sent me to this forum for some answers. It's such a niche topic that I'm having a hard time getting a straight answer, so here goes:

    I still have a grandfathered UDP that I...
  3. Turn my Nationwide UDP to Loyalty. Is Taccom LLC legit and working?

    Hey all,

    I'm still on a Verizon Nationwide UDP. I'm looking to pay to get it converted to a Loyalty plan. Seems like it's kind of rare now. I'm willing to pay around $500 for the service provided...
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