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  1. Updated to an Android 10

    This is crazy. I know.
    The phone was working all this time. With No issues. The Verizon guy told me today that its not locked but programmed to Verizon.
    I updated my Android version to 10 today....
  2. Another issue


    Okay, i just found out that I have another issue.
    I purchased this phone from a friend of a friend about 8 months ago or so. It is a Verizon phone and apparently, still locked to Verizon....
  3. Phone Updates


    Android version is 9.
    No updates available - up to date.

  4. Total Wireless

    I can not find the option VoLTE in my settings. I've searched everywhere.
    It seem like Total Wireless does not support it.
  5. Total Wireless +Samsung Galaxy s10+ from 4G LTE to 1X when making a call


    I am on Total Wireless and have a Samsung Galaxy S10+.
    Recently start experiencing an issue with connectivity when making a call...I would have a 4 bars 4G LTE once I start calling it...
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