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  1. Motorola W385 original ringtone names (predefined) USCellular or any carrier

    I'm not sure if this is the right location for this post, but can any kind soul here pls give me the names of the following original ringtones in W385? I accidentally deleted them but luckily I had...
  2. How do I get a Kyocera Jax out of FTM Mode?

    I heard my phone come on by itself while it was in my pocket and I heard a few button presses I think, it's been so long in this FTM Mode that I don't remember. I'm guessing a few buttons were...
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    Flash to enable java on brew phone?

    I have some old MetroPCS phones: A Motorola "V323Im" , according to software that reads the phone's info, along with a Samsung SCH-R210 and a Samsung SCH-R100. They are all BREW.

    I want a monster...
  4. Kyocera Jax (S1300) Viewing Saved Web Pages

    How do I view a web page that has been saved offline? From 'Bookmark details' under 'Add to Bookmarks' I selected yes to the option to Save offline. I seem to vaguely remember a path that...
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    Metro PCS Logos

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    Try the attached one (005B_0001.txt) by renaming...

    Try the attached one (005B_0001.txt) by renaming the extension to seem (005B_0001.seem).

    It might be easier downloading P2k Menu Editor Version 2.2 (21-APR-2005) from the link on this post.
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    I seem edited my V180 to allow use without the...

    I seem edited my V180 to allow use without the sim card in place. It works somewhat but I think something got corrupted and I can't access my calendar to back it up since it now won't let me connect...
  8. Motorola V180 and The Lost Modding Program

    I used a program a while back that could let me toggle the blue margin at the bottom of my Motorola V180's screen on or off . I think it showed a preview of the area you would gain if you set it to...
  9. Phone Key Mapper in program Bind keys Motorola V180

    Finally! I happened upon a solution to my problem. :clapping: I simply used P2k Menu Editor Version 2.2 (21-APR-2005). I got it from:...
  10. Where's seem editor location of V180 * key?

    My V180's * key is currently mapped to 0x2B - VAVR (2B).
    I want to set it back to the default 0x0A - * (0A)
    I'm using P2k-Action v.1 please help
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