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    Recommendation for New Tracfone

    HSN, QVC, and the eBay Tracfone store are the best deal going for light usage with cheap low end phones. At HSN and QVC there is usually an additional discount code for first time buyers. This is how I have gotten my Tracfone service for several years. The cost of the bundle is less than...
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    Extreme newbie on Smartphones seeks carrier advice

    You don't need a Wifi adapter for your PC. I think that suggestion was made for if you wanted to check out your Wifi router with your PC before your phone arrives.
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    Extreme newbie on Smartphones seeks carrier advice

    Obihai was bought out by Polycom and then someone else. The Obi 20x product line is discontinued and no longer supported. What phone service are you using it with? If it is Google Voice, that is still working, but could stop working at any time. There are no other devices that support Google...
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    Extreme newbie on Smartphones seeks carrier advice

    >My current phone is a somewhat complex setup involving an OBI device that connects to my router and PC. You already have a router. Does it do Wifi? What is the make and model? We can help figure that out. The Obi would not connect to a router AND PC. The Obi and PC connect to the router. The...
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    Post-Obi GV to POTS phone...any other good ways anymore ??

    It is a reasonable question to ask. I will be in a similar situation if/when my Obi 200 with GV stops working. I have thought about it a lot. There is no way to have a POTS phone make an outgoing GV call without something like the Obi or GV Callback "smarts" to set up the call and without a PC...
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    Can I Move Tracfone SIM to Another Phone?

    I inherited a Tracfone branded Samsung ON5 (which is a real POS with no band 71). It's also a very weak phone aside from lacking band 71. It has a T-Mobile SIM in it that came with the phone. I would like to try T-Mobile with the service time it has left on the ON5 account, but in a different...
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    Spin and Scratch are Back - Both of Them!

    As the title says: Spin and Scratch are Back - Both of Them! I'm sure we are all excited. This time spin and scratch point did not go to immediately available.
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    Snow Storm

    Major snow storm in the mid-Atlantic. I measured 10.25 inches. Power went out 11 am. So did T-Mo. Hey they're synchronized. Verizon and AT&T still going strong. Way To Go T-Mo. You get what you pay for. TANSTAAFL. Sent from my moto e (XT2052DL) using HoFo mobile app
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    Tracfone Account Error - Account Does Not Exists!

    I just tried logging on my Tracfone accounts. It is saying, "Account does not [sic] exists." when I log on two different accounts. The TF app can't find the account info either on the one phone that is mine. Just tried again. The web account is still "Account does not [sic] exists." The phone...
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    Anyone seeing "custom forwarding rules" in web GV settings?

    It is in mine on the regular Calls settings, not the legacy page. I have no idea how long it has been there.
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    Polycom Obi200 Sale

    Polycom/Obihai Obi200 on sale until 0300 10/20/21. $39.99 at Newegg with $26 discount code 93XSA84, free shipping. If you've been wanting one this is as...
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    Possible data breach affecting, well just about every TMobile customer

    It doesn't matter to me at all if John was the lone mastermind, had co-conspirators, or wasn't involved at all. It also doesn't matter if he is believable or a delusional whackdoodle. It is a proven fact that this was a very serious data breach that has effected tens of millions of T-Mo...
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    Straight talk home phone, obsolete???

    My Straight Talk ZTE Z723EL did not work with this to dial: I did not try an incoming call to see if it would ring. My unit does not have active service. Overall, I doubt any of them do. They would also be unlikely to drive an electro-mechanical bell like what is in mine. The ring signal is...
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    Page Plus Autopay With Paygo

    I have a phone using PP paygo - $10/120 days. If I enable autopay will it pay $10 each 120 days or monthly? I don't want monthly. Anyone know?
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    AT&T Stand alone AT&T Unlimited ZTE Mobley Hotspot now only $20!!!!!

    I can send an AOL floppy disk if you need it - Compuserve too. ;~> Blast from the past - Why do I still have these? I got rid of most of the VHS, cassette and 8-track audio tapes years ago. Actually, there is sort of a reason for the floppies. Our organ MIDI sequencer uses them.
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    Polycom Obi200 Sale

    Polycom OBi200 on sale at Newegg for $40 until Thursday 4/29. That's as good as the price gets these days...
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    How Does Paying for Verizon Prepaid Work?

    I am trying to help a couple of people get off their very expensive postpaid plans that they don't need. One is on Verizon postpaid, the other is on AT&T postpaid. These people are not cellphone enthusiasts so other MVNOs are not of interest even if they cost a bit less. The one on AT&T is...
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    Polycom OBi200 Sale

    $39.99 at Newegg with Promo Code: EMCTEUT56 until 11:59PM PT on 09/12/2019. This is as good as the price gets these days. This is an Analog Telephone Adapter. You plug it in your broadband Internet and an analog telephone (or cordless phone base). Functionally it works in the same way as...
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    Which Linux Distribution to Try or Use

    Which Linux distribution? Asked off topic in another forum. Answered here. It depends on a number of factors. How interested are you in learning how to use it? What do you want to use it for? Do you interact with others using Linux for work or friends and family? This is a big one. Learning...
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    How to Combine LTE Hotspot and Cable Wifi Networks

    I have a LTE hotspot and cable Internet. I would like to use them both together as one local network. The LTE hotspot is Wifi only (no Ethernet). The cable Internet is connected to a Wifi router with Ethernet ports. The network is used by phones, tablets, Roku, Smart TV, Windows Media...