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    Verizon Tour 2 release date?

    Latest rumor is it will be announced next week at WES, and released on 5/1:
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    Verizon Push to Talk available on Blackberry!

    I'm assuming that you mean that OS 5.0 for the Tour will roll out on the 30th, that will have the required PTT module?
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    Verizon Replace Tour with...through multi FRU

    It has been posted accross these and other forums that the Multi-FRU policy does not exist anymore, meaning you can't switch to another model phone.
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    Extended Warranty not honored if 2 year upgrade available

    Not true. The extended waranty does just that, extends it to 24 months. To the OP: If you have had the phone more than 24 months which it sounds like you have, they technically should have stopped billing you for the extended waranty. It sounds like they have kept billing you, which is no...
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    FCC gives Verizon the third degree over $350 'advanced device' ETF

    If you read the full PDF letter, they ask about the 1.99 mobile web charges as well.
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    FCC gives Verizon the third degree over $350 'advanced device' ETF

    From Engadget: The full letter is available here:
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    iphone user with question about Verizon (Data & Voice at same time)

    To the OP: With some of the newer phones (Droid, Storm2) that have WiFi, you can get simultaneous voice/data if you are connected to a WiFi hotspot. The CDMA radio is used for the voice call, and the WiFi radio is used for the data connectivity. Its not as good as simultaneous voice/data over...
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    Verizon Call From Store - Can't Sell Me Full Retail

    I've heard on here from VZW employees in the past that they are not allowed to place such a restriction on sales, they just try to because they don't get commissions on full retail transactions. If the manager gives you a hard time, ask to speak to the district manager about it. Don't take no...
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    Verizon Tour 5.0 Software, Official Date?

    No one knows. If they did, it would be all over the forum.
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    Backup Assistant Exporter - Download your contacts into a vCard

    Verizon now provides native CSV export: Consider this program officially retired!
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    Verizon How To - Import your contacts from Backup Assistant into Android

    Nice, glad they finally got around to a native export method. Consider my program obsolete!
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    Verizon How To - Import your contacts from Backup Assistant into Android

    I have seen this question come up many times in the pre-release discussion of the Droid, so in the interest of posting an answer clearly for everyone to see, I decided to create a separate thread. Some of you may know, I created a utility about a year ago that takes the contacts in Backup...
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    New Every 2 Discount at Best Buy?

    You can call Verizon CS (611) and ask them to tell you how much, if any, NE2 discount you are eligible for. As for BestBuy, it is hit or miss. They do not officially honor NE2 (or the VIP discount) so it gets put into the transaction as a price match if they do. Some managers do it, some don't...
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    Verizon Motorola Droid A855 Pre-Release Thread Part 3 (Off topic Posts=BAN No Warnings)

    If anyone would like another alternative to getting their contacts out of Backup Assistant, in preparation for the Droid, here is one I created a while back: It creates VCF files, and unlike the other tool mentioned in this thread, no...
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    Best Buy or Verizon store???

    Just to clarify, in an actual BestBuy store, there is no secondary contract, just the standard Verizon contract, and the standard Verizon ETF. So you could change plans, drop data features etc, with no penalty, unlike some other 3rd party dealers.
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    Verizon Blackberry PTT

    VZW's PTT is packet data based, and i'm not even sure the EV rev A is a requirement (I think the latest Moto PTT phone only does rev 0). I would imagine one of the two convenience keys would be dedicated as the PTT app key, and i'm pretty sure this could be accomplished with existing hardware...
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    Verizon Blackberry PTT

    Doesn't sound too far fetched. The only thing that is required is a software update, although I imagine battery life might suffer slightly.
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    Insurance Claim

    Call Asurion and ask them if they still have the 700wx as replacements, or what other model they would send you if you needed to file a claim.
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    Should a retailer force me to *228 a new phone when doing an upgrade?

    I think there is a misunderstanding here. *228 has nothing to do with activating the phone (unless you use option 3, which is not whats being discussed here). It has to do with programming the phone. *228 option 1 programs the phone. If the phone is deactivated, and then reactivated on the...
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    Should a retailer force me to *228 a new phone when doing an upgrade?

    It is not BestBuy's policy, it is VZW's. Verizon stores, and all their authorized retailers must activate the phone at the time of purchase to process the upgrade. They don't have to take it out of the box, and you can activate the old phone right back on the account after the new one is...