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    Petro Can SIM Cutting

    I cut mine free style with a pair of scissors. Not as elegant but works just as well. Sent with the HoFo App
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    iPhone 4s can be reserved at the Rogers reservation system tomorrow (10/7) @6AM EST

    Mine was shown as Delivered on UPS this morning at 10:50 but I called the store and they haven't received it yet. Is there supposed to be a delay between when UPS delivers it and the store has it available?
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    iPhone 4s can be reserved at the Rogers reservation system tomorrow (10/7) @6AM EST

    75th in line here. My contract is expiring soon, so does that mean I have time to negotiate a new contract before I pick up the phone to get the best deal? Or are they going to be more strict now that I reserved the iPhone?
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    Tethering included in data plans May 4 ( no extra cost )

    Same here. They redirected me to for details. From the site, it says Effective immediately, tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers customers who subscribe to a data plan of 1 GB and above*. This new policy replaces the current...
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    IBM employee looking for a phone to sync with Lotus

    If your friend is using a phone not issued by IBM to access corporate email, it would probably violate IBM's information protection policy. Companies typically don't allow employees to bring in their own devices to connect to their network, since it could compromise network security. Your...
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    Rogers iPhone delivery?

    Sept 18. My csr told me I had the option of picking up the phone. Btw I am with rogers.
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    Rogers iPhone delivery?

    I don't know what it is with all the delays but I got my white 3g in one week and that's with UPS's incomptence. Get in store pickup if possible!
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    Rogers what's with Rogers trying to charge $349 for iPhone3G 8GB???

    Is there a way to get around this price increase? I called them and was offered an OK plan ($20 for 250 day, 6pm, CID/Name/VM, 125 text, 100 LD + 30 for 6 GB + 6.95 + 0.50) but they won't budge on the iPhone price. Should I switch to Fido instead and get the 17.50 plan?
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    $5 airtime for survey

    Thanks, $5 for 30 seconds work is pretty good!
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    Who's operating on 1900mhz only?

    I've owned two 1900 MHz only Samsungs, both D500 and E900, and both have good voice quality and reception except when I'm inside my office building's washroom (concrete walls in the middle of a huge building). Don't listen to these guys telling you that you can't live without 850 MHz. The only...
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    3 Month Unlimited caling to Rogers Wireless, Fido, Rogers home phone

    I got a call on my phone that told me I got it, and later received a text message. My contract ends this month, so it looks like they want me to renew :D
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    FS Samsung E900 Slider with extra battery

    Bumped for the evening
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    FS Samsung E900 Slider with extra battery

    I have a mint condition E900 for sale, and comes with original box, manuals, charger, battery, USB cable and anything else that came with the phone when I got it brand new. There are no flaws with the phone except for very minor scuffing (not scratches) on the back plastic cover. Specs here...
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    FS: Samsung D500/508 with Extra Battery and Desk Charger

    Sold Sold. Please delete contact info from the original post.
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    FS: Samsung D500/508 with Extra Battery and Desk Charger

    I got some offers both serious and not serious. Keep them coming!
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    FS: Samsung D500/508 with Extra Battery and Desk Charger

    I have a Samsung D500/D508 with English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese languages installed for sale. So that means you have the option of sending Chinese text messages to any phone that has Chinese firmware installed. Phone comes with box, manual, speaker attachment, leather strap...