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  1. AdmiralAK

    Newest Maemo on older internet tablets?

    I suspect the answer is "no", but has anyone come across any information on whether the new version of Maemo will be available on the N8x0 line of tablets?
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    Apple I Touch

    ROFL! Yes, you can access google voice over safari on an iPod Touch, or if you have a jailbroken version you can install GV mobile. You still need a phone to ring though. GV is NOT an VoIP application.
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    Official Google Voice App Blocked From App Store

    The kicker is that I was debating whether or not to buy GV mobile last weekend and I didn't lol. I am kicking myself now! :-)
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    Boston, MA area survey for college students (please assist! :-) )

    Hello fellow HoFo-ites :-) I am taking a course this summer which requires me to create a survey, distribute it, and gather some results. My demographic is college students who either like to take language courses - OR - are required by their university to take a language course as part of...
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    Beyond GSM & Jolt sold to Red Pocket Mobile

    wow, lots of consolidation in the MVNO area.
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    Nokia E71x with european firmware?

    I would like it to work on US bands - it's the language packs I need :-) I had tricked NSU to think that my N80 was the Greek version, not the chinese (which is what I bought it with). This isn't possible on newer S60 phones?
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    Nokia E71x with european firmware?

    My N80 died recently (after close to 3 years of punishment) and I am considering the E71x on at&t since I can get it with a subsidy. I don't really care all that much for the at&t apps, and I would like to flash the firmware to the european version of the E71 that way I can get the OS localized...
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    WooHoo! 1 Million members!

    Drooool.... Fingers crossed to win G1 :-) (or an unlocked symbian) - my N80 died this week lol :-)
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    Where exactly is WCDMA 850 MHz used? (Thinking of Nokia E51)

    I am not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but there area counties in the asia/pacific region that have UMTS 2100 as their original deployment, however when they needed more bandwidth they converted old CDMA850 cells to UMTS850 for more capacity. New Zealand, Japan and possibly Australia come to...
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    Let's be real..Why do you have AT&T, vs another carrier in a major metro area

    I joined (switching from t-mobile) because they had better family plans 5-6 years ago. Now I just stay with them out of habit. I checked t-mobile's plans, I checked at&t's, they are about the same, so no need to go through the pain of porting and switching and changing phones. I almost don't...
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    I use twitterific (the free app - a bit cheap :p)
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    LTE Bands

    I don't know about europe and asia, but in the US LTE is going to be on 700Mhz.
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    Sidekick unlock w/ i-Smartsim or other attatchments?

    sidekicks can be unlocked, the issue is that there needs to be server side support for the device on carrier's end. In the US only t-mobile has that which is why they are the only ones that sell the sidekick
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    prepaid sidekick no longer an option?

    Just for kicks I was looking on T-Mobile for a prepaid sidekick but nothing on their prepaid site. Anyone know what the deal is?
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    Worst NOKIA phone you have ever had??

    THe nokia 8890. I loved the phone, but that screen was flaky. I paid top dollar for it when it came out an in 6 months I could not see the screen.
  16. AdmiralAK

    what the hell is worng with danger? same old sk 2009

    The one problem I have with the sidekicks is dialing numbers that are not in your phonebook. I think that a capacitive touchscreen would be a great addition to the sidekick if only to dial out without flipping the screen to dial.
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    Unlocking discussion

    It is, and people did ask about it before but there were so many threads about unlocking that we got many, many, redundant posts. It's better to have a rule about not allowing unlocking posts than having to deal with the same thing over and over again :-)
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    Android on iPhone?

    Considering that there is an active hacking community and it only took six months to unlock the iPhone 3G... I would give Android on the iPhone a year or two before it becomes a reality
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    Unlocked what?

    Unlocking it means that you can use it with any GSM carrier - so if you had at&t, tuyo, fido, whatever you could use your G1 with their service. That's about it :-) As far as connecting to google services, I thought I read that there were some problems with that in general (nothing to do with...
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    O2 Wireless in the U.S. ????

    That's what I meant:-)