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    Bell "Burner" phone number assignment

    I'll re-rephrase my question. If a person purchases a "burner" does his/her telephone number come from a currently not-in-use number? I am trying to find out if a given Bell Mobility number could have been assigned to a so-called "burner".
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    Bell "Burner" phone number assignment

    Can anyone tell me how Bell Mobility assigns numbers for "Burner" phones? Is there a separate bank of numbers for burners? If a burner is no longer used by customer A does the number go back in a pool to be possibly assigned to burner customer B? Thank you! Matt
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    HISTORICAL phone listings

    I realize there's no such thing as a cellular directory. But is there any way to find out who a Bell Mobility cell number was registered to a few years ago? Info is worth $$$ to me. Thank you for any leads/info. Matt