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    For Sale: Huawei P30 Pro BNIB

    Brand new, never used, Huawei P30 Pro. 8GB RAM - 256GB ROM Beast mode machine. Decided to keep my Mate 20 Pro. For sale best Offer.
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    Anyone using HD2?

    These posts aren't helpful at all... The HD2 is the last great WinMo phone. Screen is best in class. Processor is speedy. Hardware is very nice. WinMo has always had issues - giving us the opportunity to fix, change, customize. I'm running Artemis 25.0 WWE ROM, it cures lots of bugs of stock...
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    Are you guys excited about T-mobile HD2??

    I've been with mine for about a month. Amazing. If I tell the truth though, the wow factor is the best thing... :lol: The screen is the best I've ever seen. I'm still finding applications on this thing - tonight, playing with FM radio and WorldCard Mobile... :cool:
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    Skype for WinMo discontinued

    Does anybody have the CAB? I can't believe I missed this! jaekidd, maybe you can post the url?
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    Htc Hd2

    I've just ordered my HD2 from Smart-Mobile-Gadgets for $719! :cool: I've been with Tmo for many years - mostly because they are cheapest for me. I travel quite a bit and find that service outside the US is amazing. So, It's better for me to have the Euro version as I will be using 3G while...
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    Exercise and Nutrition: May 1st - Restart of a real healthy "diet"

    Keep at it JB, Good job at losing the weight. Seeing progress is always a motivator. I would challenge the only green idea. I always think eat lots of colors: red/yellow peppers, carrots are very important in addition to the leafy greens. Eat smaller meals, create a caloric deficit and you...
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    Does anybody know how to get hold of a Wii?

    They were sold out everywhere I called... Doesn't matter. Somehow, my borther in law got one from somewhere... :doh: :doh:
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    Does anybody know how to get hold of a Wii?

    This thing is more impossible to find than Jimmy Hoffa... :(
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    I got nothing particular to say

    awh man... the man, the legend... falls to the Cult of Jobs... :sad: maybe I'm just jealous 'cause I can't figure out a new phone that excites me. Today I helped a co-worker set up the Tytn II. Its nice, I'm jealous...but not enough to jump on it. :(
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    HSDPA in Dominican Republic???

    We'll have to bring him back some. It's the one drink your wife/gf wants you to get drunk on. Everybody loves mamajuana... :buddies:
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    HSDPA in Dominican Republic???

    Side note... Me pregunto cuantos miembros de Hofo son latinos. Seria interesante saber y entrar en charlas sobre el uso de los sistemas telefonicos en los paises de America Latina. It would be interesting to talk about use of telephony in Latin America. Neo can't be the only one! O por lo...
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    HSDPA in Dominican Republic???

    Maybe you were having too much Presidente. :buddies: Hallucination is also a side effect of Mamajuana... ;) Can't wait to see this in action. Should be back there early next year. :cool: :clapping: :clapping: :cool:
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    I got nothing particular to say

    You can't touch my Big wheel...
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    HTC Vogue vs. iPhone

    CDMA.... :disappoin :mad: :disappoin
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    I got nothing particular to say

    Buenas tardes muchachos!
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    HTC TOUCH - Announcement is here

    Does she have a sister? :D I shopped the Touch this week, and finally held it and played with it a bit. The form factor is truly stunning. Even so, I found it a little slow as I was popping through the applications. Maybe it is ok in practice, but I've gotten used the zippy Trinity...
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    HTC 3600 (Trinity) Thread

    Glad to help! :buddies: :D
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    HTC P3600i ???

    Shopped this in Taipei retail today. HTC 9110 $715. Same exact as Trinity 100, black and white. Except WM6, Flash ROM 256MB SDRAM 64MB + Samsung 500Mhz. Was VERY tempted, but didn't buy it because they insisted that there is no way to change to WWE ROM. Apparently WWE hasn't yet been...
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    HTC 3600 (Trinity) Thread

    As luck would have it, I haven't been able to connect now on a trip because my hotel doesn't have wifi. :mad: I loaded the same CAB on my GF's Trinity and she's been using it. I'm not sure if she's running 1.23.405.2 like I am. Anyway, here's the CAB on rapidshare...
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    I got nothing particular to say

    Hey... Has anybody seen a few cases of beer that I had stored close to Dave's wall? I keep putting them up, but somebody keeps taking off the wall! I'm just glad they haven't found the cases and are only taking one bottle at a time! ;) :p ;)