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    Dumb H2O annual "unlimited" plan

    Mostly venting and hoping someone from H2O reads this, so I apologize. I'm perfectly happy with H2O on my $27 (with auto pay) 10gb/month plan. But if it saved money, I'd go with an annual plan. But H2O's Annual "Unlimited" plan is a mere $2/month cheaper. I don't think it's worth giving them...
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    Android: New cheapie or old flagship?

    I like cheap phones and I can not lie... I currently have a Moto G Power 2020 and I'm shopping for a replacement. Most web reviews for sub-$200 phones say something like, "instead of buying a cheap new phone, you should buy an older flagship phone." but all those websites also say, "OMG if...
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    Thinking of switching to AT&T

    I'm currently on H2O, about $28/mo for 6gb. There's some buzz on the H2O subforum about the company being in trouble, or at least having major CS issues. Since I'm happy with the AT&T towers, I'm considering a switch to AT&T prepaid. $300 for 12 months of 16gb seems like a sweet deal. Problem...
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    Road Trip Calling Questions

    Area codes have no meaning any more.
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    Amusing spam tests

    Every few days, I get a text saying "Thank you for paying your AT&T bill on time. Here's a gift for you at (link)" which is presumably some sort of malware. I guess the spammers can't tell the difference between AT&T users on AT&T towers and MVNO users on AT&T towers!
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    shaken/stir and H2O

    Forgive my ignorance, please. I have read some news about something called "shaken/stir" that was supposed to start July 1 that was supposed to reduce the number of spoofed spam calls. But the articles I read said that "smaller phone companies" don't have to comply with this until sometime in...
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    G Power HDMI via USB-C?

    It's by far the most modern phone I've owned, and I don't even know what to look for in the specs, but can I plug a USB-C to HDMI adapter into a G Power and it will work?
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    Moving from H2O to AT&T - $300 annual 8GB

    I'm currently at H2O on $27 (plus some change for tax) per month for 6GB. I now see where AT&T has an 8GP plan for $25 if I prepay the whole year. It's only a couple bucks difference and I never get near my data cap anyhow. Worth switching?
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    New Moto G Power, got Internet working, still no MMS

    The auto set up failed, but I got a chat rep to take me through the APN setup... or so I thought. But I still have no MMS, darnit. Name: H2OInternet APN: PRODATA Proxy, port, username, password, server: not set MMSC: MMS proxy: MMS port: 80 MCC...
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    changing phones how-to?

    I moved my S7 to H2O like 3 years ago. it's dying so I bought a new phone, a Moto G Power. Is this as simple as moving the SIM card, or is there more to it?
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    Selling a TF SIM and $25 card, how to?

    Best Buy is having a deal whereby one can take $100 of an *unlocked* phone by buying a TF (or SM) SIM and $25 card. See this thread: So I walked out the door for $155 with an unlocked, unactivated...
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    TF BYOP SIM kit + $25 card - $15 shipped

    I bought a $25 card and a BYOP SIM kit in order to get a deal on an unlocked Moto at BB. I don't need either of these things, but I had to buy them. $15 or make offer? PM, please
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    Best Buy $125 phone racket - pick one for me?

    According to this thread on You can walk into Best Buy, pick out a phone selling for $199.99 (that's $199+, right?) and a $25 SM or TF...
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    Taking advantage of a Consumer Cellular phone bargain?

    Consumer Cellular is offering the Moto G Power for $130 right now, a very good deal! It *appears* that they don't have any sort of requirement for keeping the phone on their service for any specific length of time before I can use it on another service... or am I missing something? It looks...
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    Thinking of ordering a G7 Play. Talk me into/out of it.

    First to admit that I'm a cheapskate and I like cheap phones. My current phone is a Galaxy S7 that my friend was literally about to throw out a couple years ago, so it was free. Prior to that, I haven't purchased a remotely costly phone since the days when post-paid carriers offered ridiculous...
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    No unlocked A01 for the US :(

    I like Samsung but not the price. I heard about the new A01, but had a chat with the online rep and learned there were no plans to sell an unlocked version in the US. Time to start shopping for a used S8, I guess :(
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    general question about refurbished Android phones.

    I see a lot of refurbished phones for sale at good prices, but what does the word actually mean? I mean, the thing that gets weak in phones is the battery. In none of the descriptions I've seen of refurbished phones does it ever say if the refurbishing process includes replacing the battery...
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    Is Smart Switch all that?

    Hi folks... supreme cheapo phone user here. Current phone is a T-Mo unlocked Galaxy S7 running on H2O wireless. It was gifted to me a couple years ago - I would never spend that sort of dough on a phone. Well, the battery is getting weak and I doubt it's worth the price of replacing, so I'm...
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    Just venting on the 30-day "month"

    Look, I get it. Charging every 30 days brings in an extra couple bucks a year per customer. And it's certainly not exclusive to H2O - lots of MVNOs seem to do it. But my credit card is due on the 6th. Every month. My mortgage is due on the 1st. Every month. Et cetera. But the 30-day "month" on...
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    What is the earliest version that's still reasonably functional today?

    For a friend who's not well off, still using a Samsung Fascinate on 2.3.4. That OS isn't what I'd call functional. So for someone who wants to spend the bare minimum on a new phone, what version is functional? Lollipop? Marshmallow? Thanks