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    Dual-core LG G2x launches April 15th for $199.99 (UPDATE: Available Online Now)

    unless I'm looking at the wrong doc at the FCC filing site, I don't see even quadband GSM support ?! (just 850/1900)
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    X10 rooted! (for real this time, with proof)

    The folks at xda got the root done.. pic:
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    FS: Sony Ericsson G705 w/ 8GB memory card and warranty until 3/2011

    Up for sale is a Sony Ericsson G705, gently used and in good condition. Never been locked or branded. Comes in original box with the manual, charger, USB data cable, and bonus 8GB SanDisk MobileUltra memory card. Upon request, I can have either the G705 firmware or the W715 firmware (and...
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    YouTube video shows pinch zooming on X10!

    See it for yourselves: jump to 6:50 on the video. the guy uses pinch zooming in Google Maps. it sure looks like pinch zooming, which would mean at least dual touch.. what do you guys think? maybe it's just picking up the thumb+finger hitting the...
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    Sony Ericsson - sync to Google using native ActiveSync support

    Just an FYI that you can use the native ActiveSync support in most recent Sony Ericsson phones to sync up your email, calendar, and contacts with Google. Tested and working on a G705, so it should work at least on A2 models for sure. Go to Organizer --> Synchronization (Synchronization is also...
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    T-Mobile W715 has T-Mobile 3G?? (1700/2100)

    this just caught my eye... the W715 has the 1700/2100 HSPDA bands? :bulging: I've got the G705 which is the same phone except for those bands.. can anyone find evidence that the W715 actually has those...
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    FREE unlocking of A2 phones

    came across this software which lets you unlock A2 phones for free! folks over at se-nse and esato have confirmed that its working for them. could help out some folks there with at&t or t-mobile locked handsets (tm506, w760, etc).
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    Sony Ericsson G705

    Can you add an avatar for the SE G705? Thanks! :)
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    Central Illinois: Data outage?

    Data outage again? Seems like there might be a data outage again? Here in Central IL, no data since late last night... doesn't matter which APN you try, the phone instantly tells you "communication error" even when just trying to get into the t-zones main page from the phone's WAP browser...
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    Phone upgrade backordered 3 weeks.. options?

    almost out of contract and needing a new phone to replace my buggy one, I upgraded to the Samsung Behold over the phone back on Jan. 20th, and was told it was in stock and that I should have it within 5 business days. I called today (the 29th), and they tell me it's on backorder as of the 26th...
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    T-Mobile Outage in Illinois..

    For about the past hour, I haven't had a T-Mobile signal at all here in Champaign, IL.. Doing a network search on my phone brings up just Cingular.. Used VoIP software to call tech support and they confirmed there is an outage in Chicago and Joliet, and I was the first to confirm it in Central...
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    Sarmad's 4.7 Camdriver for W810 Users

    Sarmad's 4.7 driver - based on W810 stock 4.5 driver Many W810 phones just don't seem to like the other excellent drivers (pics come out blurry, etc).. if that happens to you, then this is the driver for you! This driver is Made just for the W810. INCLUDES: - Increased sharpness - Enhanced...
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    NEW in Box Memory Stick Pro Duo 1 GB with MicroMate USB Reader

    Brand new in its packaging, SanDisk Memory Stick DUO Pro 1 GB memory stick, perfect for Sony Ericsson phones and the PSP. Includes a USB reader in the package. $20 shipped or best offer. Thanks!
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    R4GC010 on their W810 is here, who wants to try?

    I read some chatter about the new FW, R4GC010 both here and on other forums.. I got my hands on it, but am way too busy right now to flash my phone hehe.. so I thought I might as well spread it around in case someone else is eager to try. I found it on some Russian forum with the help of Google...
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    TopSony now charges for downloading files!!

    So I tried grabbing a file from Top Sony .. and got an error message.. now you gotta pay 2 Euros per month to get access for 75mb/day.. or 10 Euros per year for 100mb/day... :rolleyes: not cool.. I wouldn't mind dishing out 10 Euros per year for such a great resource, but this 100mb/day limit...
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    $600 bill in error, Cingular wont adjust it, Arbitration?

    Hi, I recently received a whopping $600 bill from Cingular that included over $500 of Media Net charges. I had just signed up for a package and was in that first month where you get Unlimited usage. I called in and the CSR said it was no problem, he would fill out a request for a bill...
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    W810i Video Capture setting not sticking - high quality mode

    Hey, just something I noticed today that is a bit annoying... I went into video capture mode and set 'High quality video' under Shoot mode since I don't care about sending MMS video clips and would rather have higher quality videos... .. but the setting doesn't stick! When you leave camera mode...
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    Using a w800 for war, what a waste!

    so i was watching a clip on the news about some weapons stockpile the u.s. army found in iraq where they had landmines and stuff like that, and the reporter held up some stuff saying it was a remote-controlled bomb set to be triggered from a cell phone.. and to my shock, they showed a crapload...
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    TRUE FullScreen Video on S710 with Java! Get the demo app!

    Hey everyone, I couldn't stand the fact that we couldn't get true full screen video on the S710a.. even with the PVauthor thing, it wasn't quite "full" full-screen. I grabbed a copy of the J2ME SDK and starting poking through the mma api's, and put together a simple but exciting demo app that...
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    Sync e-mails with S710a and Outlook?

    Did a little searching and came away empty-handed.. is there any way that I can sync my e-mails from Outlook to my S710a? Doing a "send to bluetooth" on a single e-mail from Outlook simply makes the phone file the e-mail into "Other" on my memory stick, so it doesn't know what the heck it's...