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    Porting in to Freedom

    At the risk of asking a potentially silly question, how the heck does one port in a number to Freedom? I can't find an option to do so through the website. Is it only done in person and/or on the phone?
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    Sending SMS from the Mac via the iPhone from multiple desktops on the same Mac

    Here's an interesting one. We're trying to send SMSs from our Macs via SMS Relay. We've been able to sync multiple Macs with the same iPhone, no problem at all. The problem we're running into is syncing the Messages app for multiple *users* on the same Mac. Any notion on how to do this...
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    Public Mobile Post your Public Mobile speedtests!

    I'm pleased with Public Mobile, but displeased with the speeds I'm getting. (The first and last one were on PM, the ones in-between were testing my WiFi). I'm lucky to get 15 Mbps down. On Rogers I get 50+ Mbps. Perhaps Bellus is oversubscribed here. Still, that's good enough for me.
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    Unusual problem that could be fixed by an about-to-expire prepaid account

    Hi all, I have an unusual problem. I'm Canadian, and purchased an Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 VR. It was purchased at a T-Mobile store. They were advertising it for $469.99, but I paid $499.99 because I didn't activate a plan at the same time. I thought this $30 surcharge meant I was...
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    How to determine online how much spectrum each carrier has in a given area?

    I just spent a couple of hours on the Spectrum Management System trying to see how much spectrum each carrier has in Victoria BC. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get this info? It seems harder than it ight to be! :-)
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    Public Mobile If you recently switched to Public's new promo, who did you switch from?

    The name says it all. Did you switch to Public Mobile during the recent promo? If so, from whom? Vote in the poll, and if you think you have a more-interesting-than-average story about your switch, or why you did it, let's hear it. I think I may have a slightly more interesting story than...
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    Who is still using Roam?

    Are people abandoning Roam Mobility? When I looked this morning there were no new posts since September, and no new threads since May. It was previously more active than that. It seems to me that Roam Like Home set of a round of improvements to U.S. roaming rates by Canadian carriers. Heck...
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    New Cityfone tablet plans, Snowbird plans, and double your data promo

    Cityfone (of which Primus Wireless is one of several resellers) has recently expanded their offerings significantly. I'm not sure when, but recently-ish they've rolled out: - They have tablet plans that are pretty decent. 1GB for $18, 3GB for $27, and 5GB for $36 (all prices net of the 10%...
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    new $120 per year "Unlimited Pay As You Go Plan"

    Article here: Unlimited texting, unlimited evenings and weekends, and 50 daytime minutes for $120 per year. It replaces the old $100 per year plans that made you choose between either unlimited...
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    Ring+ vs. Freedompop vs. _____? for Canadians roaming in the U.S.?

    I'm Canadian and currently using Roam Mobility when roaming in the U.S. It's pretty good, it uses T-Mobile's network (and I have a handset that supports Band 12, which helps). It costs $4.95 CAD per day, which includes unlimited phoning and texting (including long-distance back to Canada), and...
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    GoPhone $2 per day plus data at $1/100MB

    I'm curious about the GoPhone $2 per day plus data at $1/100MB. Do you activate the data via an SMS? Do they warn you when it runs out? Does it start burning pay-per-use data immediately once the $1 add-on expires? Can you have multiple $1 add-ons at one time, or does each new one expire the...
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    Free Lumia 950 with purchase of a Lumia 950 XL in Canada Heck of a deal, whether you go in on it with someone, or sell the other phone (whichever phone is the "other" one for you).
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    Microsoft offering a Lumia trade-in programme towards the 950 and 950 XL!

    Microsoft is doing a trade-in promo for Lumia 920, 925, and 1020 towards the Lumia 950 and 950 XL: Trading in a Lumia 920, 925, or 1020 gets you $150 U.S. ($200 Canadian) towards a Lumia...
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    "Living in the Continuum: Can a Windows 10 phone really replace your PC?"

    Mobilesyrup asked me to author an article on Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile: I thought some of you here would be interested in it.
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    Making phone calls on Rogers "hub" devices?

    I discovered today that some of the "hub" devices Rogers sells will let you plug in a typical landline/cordless phone and make phone calls over the wireless network. At my mum and dad's cabin they two devices: - a wireless hotspot device (Sierra Wireless Aircard 763S) for data on a $10...
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    Roam Mobility price increase

    Roam has increased prices of their daily plans by $1. This is a bad deal for the (now) $2.95 Text & Data plan, and a bad deal for the (now) $3.95 Talk & Text plan. But it's not a bad deal for the (now) $4.95 Talk/Text/Data plan as that plan goes from 400MB to 500MB per day. So it's about a...
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    Least expensive way to try Telus Extend

    My small business uses Rogers One Number (RON) to text customers to let them know their repairs are ready. We use a $35 unlimited talk-and-text line in a Wireless Home Phone device to let us use a five-handset cordless phone setup to make/receive calls around the shop, and we use RON to text...
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    Rogers' plans for Mobilicity's equipment

    When Rogers bought Mobilicity, they negotiated to let Wind purchase up to half of Mobi's sites. That leaves Rogers with somewhere between 50-100% of Mobi's equipment and cell site leases. A few of those sites are going to be positioned somewhere that may actually benefit Rogers' network, but...
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    Has Rogers announced a 2G shutdown timeline?

    Has Rogers announced a 2G shutdown timeline? I'm curious because I'm giving strong consideration to purchasing a new dual-SIM handset (Lumia 950 XL), but whichever SIM is not set to use mobile data is downgraded to 2G. It looks like AT&T has scheduled their 2G shutdown for 2017. At some point...
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    Multiple people sharing "Share Everything"

    I tripped across a "reddit" thread with Cricket customers pairing up to get the best deal out of Cricket, by merging five lines into one account their individual price dropped from $35 to $20. It occurred to me, people could do that with one of the big-3's 'share' plans. Consider (all prices...