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    Home Screen Page Lost!

    Phone Samsung Galaxy J7, running Android 6.01, stock ROM. (Being a Samsung phone, that means I guess it runs Touchwiz over Android.) I just got the phone recently, and spent a lot of time configuring two home screens, including several folders, etc. A couple days ago, my 2nd home screen was...
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    Backup Questions

    I have a new phone, Samsung Galaxy J7, with Android 6.01, NOT rooted.I have read a lot of threads about backup, but none that really answer my questions. Here are some things that I DON"T need backed up--contacts, calendar, e-mail messages, etc. Because I have an Exchange account (also Gmail...
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    Phone screen size aspect ratios?

    Hello,. My current phone for years has been the Samsung Galaxy S4. I believe the aspect ratio of its screen is the same as a standard wide-screen movie (or wide-screen TV, 16:9. It seems like 16:9 widescreen is standard for laptops now too. (Although i preferred the older 4:3 taller laptop...
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    Free Phone Promotion--Galaxy J7

    As I have been having some problems with my T-Mo Galaxy S4 lately, I have been looking at new phones to buy. (Thank you to those who replied to my question about that, and T-Mo compatibility.) Well. now I will get a very compatible phone, from T-Mo. Probably not one I would have chosen...
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    Galaxy J7

    Who here is using that phone? (I will be getting the T-Mobile USA version.) How do you like it? Recommended accessories? Cases? I am currently using a Galaxy S4, for three years now. Is there an easy way to transfer the apps, settings, etc, from the S4 to the J7? Or re-download the apps, and...
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    Retention Department?

    I have been a loyal T-Mobile USA customer for about fifteen years now. One used to be able to get a better deal on a subsidized phone by calling T-Mo, saying you wish to cancel your service, which connects you to the Retention Department, who might give you a better deal on a new subsideized...
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    Polaroid Smartphones?

    Has anyone here had any experience with them? Specifically thinking about Polaroid Power 600SL
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    Which Phone Should I Buy? (Motos, ZTE, others?)

    I am having problems with my three year old T-Mobile (USA) Samsung Galaxy S4, so am looking at buying a new phone. As there are no more phone subsidies from T-Mo, I am looking at buying an unlocked phone, for my first time. Some of my requirements: I see that some unlocked phones are VERY...
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    Replaceable Battery Phones?

    Is that now an extinct feature? I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S4, three years old. As the battery life is not good now, I swap batteries a few times per day, and have an external battery charger. I am looking at new phones, and am surprised to see that those I have looked at do not have...
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    Replaceable Battery?

    I am looking into buying a new phone. I have considered two Motorola models, the Moto G4, or splurge on the Moto X Pure. (open to other suggestions too though). It looks to me like neither has a replaceable battery though, and that is very negative to me. Is that the case? Is that true with all...
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    Any advantage to T-Mobile Branded Phone?

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for about 15 years. All of my previous phones (last one bought 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4) were subsidized by T-Mobile, so were T-Mobile branded phones. My S4 is giving me trouble now, so looking at getting a new phone. Of course, no such thing as carrier subsidy...
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    Mono-Stereo Convertible Bluetooth Headsets

    I like convertible headsets. One usually has a mono headset (in one's ear, pocket, or around one's neck) for phone calls, and when one wants to hear stereo music, one only has to attach something to it for that, rather than changing headsets, turning one off and the other on, etc. AFAIK, the...
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    Tethering on S4?

    Is it possible to tether on the stock T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, without getting a tethering ("hotspot") plan, by changing the user agent on one's desktop browser (or changing the browser) (without flashing or rooting the ROM of the phone, etc.)? That works on other phones, other OSes, not...
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    Will the Sony Xperia Z beat the Samsung Galaxy 4S? Your opinion? Also, do you think that the price of the S4 will go down (including the subsidized price at third-party resellers) when the Z comes out as another major competitor?
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    LTE in Los Angeles area?

    How widespread is T-Mobile LTE in the Los Angeles area?
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    Comparison between the S3 and S4?

    Well, for the same price or a small price difference, no doubt in choosing the S4. But for a major price difference (like $150 difference)? Is the S4 worth paying that much more for? Would you? If so, why?
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    Can old customers still renew contracts for an upgrade?

    Of course I have heard aboout the new "no-contract" plans of T-Mobile. They might be a good deal for some,. They might end up good for T-Mobile. But what about those of us who already have a contractual plan with T-Mo, which we wish to keep? Can we still get a subsidized phone for renewing...
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    T-Mobile APNs?

    I know of the following three: Are there any others? What are advantages and disadvantages of one over the other? Thank you.
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    Questions re Samsung Galaxy Note II on T-Mo, data plans, etc.

    Hi-- I used to participate a bit in this forum, but have not now for a few years, so am rather out of touch. Please forgive me if any of my questions seem that way. The reason I haven't been here for years is that I have not changed phones for years. I have had the HTC T-Mobile HD2 (yes...
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    How to Sign on to T-Mo Hotspots (if one has a plan that includes them)

    Hello folks, I still have the T-Mo Total Internet Plan, which includes use of T-Mo hotspots. I have rarely used the hotspots though, as at most places with public hotspots these days--coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc., it is free. However, I will be in LAX later today, and I think they...