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    Unlocked phone suggestions

    Uh-oh, the TorchFork Mob has entered the chat... Seriously, this thread is hitting me close to home, for the following reasons: Last December 2023, my parents were in need of a new 5G handset... Lenovo/Motorola USA had discounted the Edge 2023 down to $349.99, but for the holidays they were...
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    Unlocked phone suggestions

    ADDENDUM: This should help narrow the field... It's a list of "tested and approved devices" with specific model numbers (a.k.a. the "Whitelist"). Here's a PDF sourced from ATT: "" Note that ATT itself disclaims...
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    Unlocked phone suggestions

    Caution advised... Generally "" is a good source for models' radio support. After expanding the "Network" row, this comparison page lists the supported bands for both phones: "" Specific models aren't identified...
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    Unlocked phone suggestions

    My $0.02... Would the OP consider the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G (which currently retails at $199.99 USD)? See "" According to "", presumably the factory unlocked version supports many of the major North American 5G & 4G LTE...
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    HTC 10 Anomaly

    Description: While playing a game (Pokemon Go in this case), I put my TMUS-branded HTC 10 phone down on the table. Then the view on the display changed to the lock screen view with a blue & pink themed clock face. Specifically it showed digital indication of current time with a pink circle...
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    REQ: Sony.Ericsson Cedar GreenHeart

    To HowardForums Administrators: Please consider adding an avatar for the Sony.Ericsson Cedar GreenHeart? Stock image is attached... Thanks in advance!
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    H2O Wireless' Free Phone: My Take

    I'll be the first to admit that I have a fondness for cheap phones. Most anyone can find an adequate handset for around $200USD nowadays (hello Moto G!), but personally I relish the challenge of finding the most bang-for-the-buck at the low end of the spectrum... When Radio Shack was...
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    What was your first T-Mobile phone?

    Motorola W233 Renew I'd been thinking about trying out T-Mobile service and I remember being enamored of the Samsung t349 because of its half-QWERTY keypad. But when the Motorola W233 Renew was discounted to $10 at my local T-Mobile store, I couldn't pass up the deal... Upon seeing it, one...
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    HowardForums for Android 4.2 Unstable?

    My anecdotal observation is that the HowardForums app for Android constantly closes itself on my Nexus 4. This typically happens after I've finished reading a thread and hit the Android 'Back' button. I see no other apparent controls available, am I missing something? In contrast, when I use...
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    New Prepaid Phones Not Awful?

    Sparq II found at BB Based on a hunch, I checked my local Best Buy, and found that the Sparq II has been stocked with the prepaid T-Mobile pegs... With the exception of the SEND/END accents and the all-white lettering, everything on the front seems relentlessly black (exterior housing...
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    New Prepaid Phones Not Awful?

    There's an active thread discussion here ( where the current state of available handsets for prepaid T-Mobile service was/is being mulled over... But since that thread has started, T-Mobile has lifted the curtain on a couple...
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    New Handsets on PPC Website

    So I just noticed that 2 new handsets are now publicized on the PPC website: Now this adds portrait QWERTY and resistive...
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    LG VS740 Ally

    Please add an avatar for the LG VS740 Ally. Attached are 2 samples... Thanks in advance!