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    Another Week, Another Target Airtime Deal

    No, plain old AT&T Prepaid. I am on the $300 per year plan. But, with the $50 cards for $45 at Target, this is $270 per year. My calculator shows it is $22.50 per month. That is probably more than some plans, but it works for us.
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    Another Week, Another Target Airtime Deal

    I was able to purchase a total of 12 of these. Two per day, Sunday through today (Friday). I did have trouble opening up to look at the prepaid PIN numbers using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. I tried Firefox and had no trouble. My Due Date is Jun 25 2024, so I need to wait a few weeks...
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    Another Week, Another Target Airtime Deal

    I ordered two tonight without a hitch. I will buy two more tomorrow, if I can. I looked back at my order history from a year ago and some were cancelled. I hope that doesn't happen this time around. UPDATE: I was able to order two more this morning without a problem. I didn't want to push my...
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    Another Week, Another Target Airtime Deal

    I found an old text on my phone from last year when I contacted AT&T Prepaid Support at 75421. I was told then: "I was checking the account and I noticed your plan is due until June 1st, so in this case I recommend you to add them at the end of the month the prepaid card itself has a 90 day...
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    Another Week, Another Target Airtime Deal

    Thank you for posting that. Are they still on roughly a 6 week rotation for these deals? I just looked and I my Due Date is Jun 25 2024. I could buy some now or wait a while. It seems like they had to be used within 90 days of purchase, if I recall correctly. However, it seems like you couldn't...
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    What Is A Multi-IMSI SIM Card, And How Does It Work?

    Is anybody here using a multi-IMSI SIM card? If so, what do you use and how do you like it?
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    Carrier Agnostic SIM Cards

    What are the choices of carrier agnostic SIM cards these days? Are there some that will allow one SIM (physical or E-SIM) to work on all three networks, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon?
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    AT&T Prepaid Unlimited + 10GB hotspot data $300 Per Year Plan

    I have had this plan for almost two years now. Can I add money to the account at any time or do I have to wait and add $300 each year?
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    T-Mobile Business Tablet Plan With International Add On

    I have the T-Mobile $15 per month business tablet plan. I added international a week ago. When I was in Aruba and Curacao I had slow internet. Does anybody know why it would be slowed down? I think this is the one I selected, so I suspect that hit the "data speed reduction threshold".Does...
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    Who Is T-Mobile's Partner In Curacao?

    As posted above, who is T-Mobile's partner in Curacao? Is it Digicel or Flow?
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    What Would Be The Least Expensive MVNO For A Year Of Verizon Service As A Second SIM Back Up?

    As posted above, I have AT&T as my "daily driver". I did have a year's worth of service from Red Pocket on Verizon as a backup. What other MVNO has a very affordable price for a years' worth of service? It seems like US Mobile might be a viable alternative.
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    Red Pocket Black Friday 2023 Deals

    I know that Red Pocket had a deal last year for 1 years worth if service for $75 instead of $99.00 It had 1GB of data per month. Now I no longer see that for Black Friday, but I do see a plan with less data for $60. That would be enough for me for a second line, I think. I got the line of...
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    When Should I Renew My Red Pocket Plan?

    Almost a year ago I bought a year of service from Red Pocket. (It is the second line on my phone.) I want to get one more month of service and, hopefully, they will offer a Black Friday deal again. Should I wait until the Date Due: 10/30/2023? Should I renew now. Does it matter? One of the...
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    My Wife And I Are Both On AT&T But She Doesn't Receive My Texts

    As posted above, my wife and I are both on AT&T. She doesn't receive my texts, but I get hers. We are both using Android smartphones. Each of us see to be able to send and receive texts from other people. She checked blocked numbers and mine is not listed. She received telephone calls, but not...
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    Can I Use The Verizon SIM Card From My Laptop Computer In A Tablet?

    I have a laptop computer with a Verizon SIM card in it. Can I put the Verizon SIM card in a tablet or smartphone or is it locked to the device?
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    Which Prepaid Companies (MVNOs) Will Offer Coverage On More Than One Network?

    As posted above, which prepaid companies (MVNOs) offer coverage on more than one network? I was reading about Dish Wireless and it sounds like they are "not ready for prime time", yet. If I recall correctly, Google Fi does, or at least did. When Sprint was still operational, I think users...
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    Dish Wireless Network(s)

    I really haven't paid attention to the Dish Wireless service. Can someone give me a quick rundown? Is it an MVNO that operates on BOTH AT&T and T-Mobile towers? What are the pros and cons of this service?
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    T-Mobile Bands

    I was checking my T-Mobile bands last night because I use T-Mobile for home internet. I was getting the following 4G/5G T-Mobile Bands: 4G LTE: B2 B12 B66 B71 5G NR: n41 n71 Are those pretty typical T-Mobile bands? My download speed are generally in the 200 Mbps range and sometime up to...
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    Help Me Pick A 5G Netgear Mobile Hotspot

    I am looking for an upgrade to my Netgear MR1100. I have checked the Netgear website for 5G hotspots. They show the following: MR6150 $699.99 MR6500 $459.99 (AT&T) MR5200 $679.99 (Amazon) MR6110 $309.99 (AT&T) I am trying to determine the differences between them. If I am interpreting...
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    Will There Be Much Consumer Interest In Cell Phone To Satellite Connectivity?

    I know some techy folks like myself will be interested. What I think will be interesting is the actual features available and how it is offered to consumers. For example, if you have a plan that charges no additional fees, you may be quite happy to be able to text from almost anywhere. Others...