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    Verizon-locked iphone on Visible...

    Haven't tried yet. But is an unlocked Metro phone & passes both TM & VZW IMEI checkers. It fails AT&T. Idk about AT&T MVNOs. Visible is VERY restrictive.
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    Verizon-locked iphone on Visible...

    Just telling my experience with a VZW approved phone.
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    Verizon-locked iphone on Visible...

    That plan with pSIM won't work. I tried & got kicked off the network after 10 days. It was BS it worked perfectly for 10 days.
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    New Visible TOS

    That's already been done. I'm talking about Visible now saying you can hotspot more than one device. Their limit used to be one device only.
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    New Visible TOS

    "Mobile hotspot with unlimited data at speeds up to 5 Mbps on the Visible plan or up to 10 Mbps on the Visible+ plan. While more than 1 device may be connected to your Hotspot at one time, a single connected device will experience optimal speeds. Performance will be reduced if multiple devices...
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    Verizon Straight Talk Introduces Home Internet Plan on Verizon Network – Unlimited Data for $45/mo

    I am now getting 16Mbps up instead of 10. Down is the same.
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    How to shut down a US Mobile account

    That is some BS for sure. Thinking of trying them when they get DeathStar.
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    If Pageplus goes "poof" one day-- what's the quickest path to having my phone up and running again?

    Ring+ gave me 2 days notice. Page+ is owned by VZW so it'd have to go BK first.
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    Extreme newbie on Smartphones seeks carrier advice

    You'll be ok. I'd stop sweating it if I were you.
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    Extreme newbie on Smartphones seeks carrier advice

    Unplug your ethernet cable to find out.
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    Cellphone Case question

    Yup agree.
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    T-Mobile locking down SIM swaps, single line if your phone is broken must visit a store with ID

    It's all BS. My unlocked phone if it has the bands should work on any carrier PERIOD
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    T-Mobile buying Mint

    If Mint has 2 million subscribers then TM is paying $675 per. That's almost double the amount vzw paid for TF subs.
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    Tracfone Unlimited vs PayGo Plans

    It's TF Jake.
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    H2O $60 Annual plan does not include MMS

    That sucks. Should be a choice.
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    H2O $60 Annual plan does not include MMS

    So you can't use data (as an additional add-on) to send & receive MMS?
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    Functional / Configuration Differences Between Factory Unlocked & Carrier Branded Phones?

    Just run it through the IMEI checker & or contact CS.
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    We just switched from vBulletin to Xenforo

    Congrats. How do I get a dark theme?