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    T-Mobile motorola S-record or shx

    hi. need to figure out how this MOT2BIN .exe conversion tool for S-record(shx or S19) to Bin file works: i cannot find right sintax from promp dos. anyone may help me ? tyvm. Enrico here what i get : C:\>mot2bin 2011-02-27_224501.shx o=x.bin MOT2BIN Version 1.03 Copyright (c) 1995 xxxxxxxxxx...
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    Motorola C650 nobrand Fullflash or MP needed

    hi.i'm looking for Motorola C650 nobrand Monsterpack or FullFlash english or italian language pack.Anyone can help me to have it? this is my version from my phone backup : Software Version: R365_G_0B.D2.23R Flex Version: SE8411AXXH2125 Bootloader Version: v0x0007B0 DRM Version: N / A Phone...