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    Unlock sprint iphone 5C

    How long do i have to keep service active with sprint before they will unlock it for gsm use overseas ? I called several reps and they dont seem to have an answer for me
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    Unlock Sprint iPhone 5C

    Any TRUSTED on-line web sites that i can go to get this iPhone unlocked for use on AT&T...?? Sprint will NOT unlock for me until i find the person who used it last on their network which i have NO clue because i purchased this phone on Ebay..... & i purchased this phone on Ebay for use with...
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    Transfer app from iphone to iphone

    So there is an app that is not available from the App Store anymore that I currently have on my iPhone 4S .. That I still use to his date and is very useful and handy. I want to move to an iphone 5C but since it's not in the App Store I can't download it. Is there a way to like transfer the...
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    Boost flashing

    Anyone in this forum still knows how to flash to boost mobile ..?? I have my donor phone but I think the prof 0 and or 1 user/pass may have changed .. By boost for some odd reason .. I do not want to get too deep Into my issue to keep this thread from going out of control but if anyone is still...
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    Enable personal hotspot

    So I just got my iPhone 5C with a "flashed" sim chip active to Boost Mobile .. all is working good, my only issue is the personal hotspot, when I try to turn it on I get the message that I need to contact boost mobile for activation .. The problem is that the phone that is on my account is not...
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    ic902 re-activation..??

    i know this phone is OLD and out-dated but it did work on the sprint cdma network when i had it active back in 2013.. I went to the store and they said no they cannot reactivate it because its not a smartphone and they only activate smart phones .. (how pathetic is that) and NO i DO NOT want or...
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    Galaxy S3 on Boost (3 yrs now) & LOST 3G EVDO

    So i have had my Galaxy S3 flashed to Boost going on 3 yrs now and i lost EVDO 3G.. My 3G icon is there but my speeds are like capped at 1x speeds, all speedtest’s are under 100Kbps.. The most i got so far was 105Kbps.. When i go into settings i can see the Mobile Network type as 1xRTT.. Where...
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    Formatting a 6TB External HD

    So i purchased a WD 6TB external HD and it was originally formatted for MAC and i got it for really $cheap$ and i was told that i can just re-format it to MS-DOS FAT32 and be ok…. The problem is that my Macbook Pro NOR any of my 3 Windows Laptops/Desktops allow me the option to format to FAT32 /...
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    FAILED 2 amp usb chargers

    I purchased this PowerJive USB Power Meter and Tested SEVERAL usb chargers here at the house and NONE pushed over 1 amp to any of my devices...!!! I even tried 2 of my Apple (2 amp) usb power adaptors that came with both my iPad's and to my shock Neither of those 2 chargers supplied 2 amps...
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    Very odd internet issue here between 2 phones

    Wow… I just wrote up an ENTIRE thread about my issue and went to hit submit and it asked me to sign in AGAIN and i did and i lost it all…. WTF…?? Here we go again…!!! LONG previous story now shortened so i hope i can get it all in this time without leaving anything out so that we don't...
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    Portable 3G wifi Router

    Has anyone ever used or seen this thing in use..?? Cant get any answer from any sellers that sell this item whether this is compatible with a sierra...
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    Post your AT&T 4G Speed's :) - America's True Largest HSPA+ network

    Throttling sux big time AT$T as primary svc $92 per month after taxes & discount Boost Mobile pay as you go for data only $10 per month
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    article about saving $ read from a script LOL What happened to the good ole days when you were actually on camera and KNEW what you were talking about and not reading from a script…?? I bet this guy knows nothing about the wireless...
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    2mbps speed throttle

    3 tests on a different side of town .. 18 miles away from the last speed test from last post reply ... Don't understand what is going on .. This is an iPhone 4S on hspa+ and in the past I was able to leak out at 14.2M with consistent 5-10M speed tests and now only 2M I'm in Orlando fla
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    Post your AT&T 4G Speed's :) - America's True Largest HSPA+ network

    For the past 6 weeks I am unable to break the 2M mark ... I have tried 4 different speed test apps thru different times of the day and several in the early am hrs (3am) and still cannot break 2M ... Even while tethering my Mac or iPad or pc ... Still cannot break 2M on those devices ...
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    2mbps speed throttle So for the past say month or so, I've noticed that all my speed test results would never exceed 2mbps ... Regardless of what time of day it was...
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    Sprint Boost mobile data monitoring

    Guessing that boost mobile does not physically monitor data usage via the web site that we can periodically check on ..?? I would really like to monitor it to see if my speeds are throttled when I hit 2gb .. Granted that my speeds are not consistent cause they vary from 10kbps up to 1mbps at...
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    AT&T post paid vs st pre paid

    So here I am trying to figure out what are the downfalls to having st vs AT&T ... I have AT&T now and I'm paying $92 per month for virtually unlimited min, unlimited text and web ... I get full speed data up to 3gb then throttled to edge ~256k ... Until the end of the cycle but its TRUE...
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    Galaxy S3 Hotspot Feature error 67

    So i just got my S3 thru sprint and tried using the original Sprint Hotspot and its giving me the Error 67 connection and to call sprint to get it turned on… I found a (GS3 file on xda forums that got it to work on AT$T's model but it won't work on my Sprint S3… Keep getting...
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    Net10 coverage vs AT$T Post-Paid

    So my question is, does Net10 have access to 100% of AT$T's home/native towers..?? Or are they like MNVO Boost Mobile that has like 95% access of Sprint's home/native coverage..??