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    One Plus 7T is on Nice List but now can’t make/receive calls

    I have a OnePlus 7T. It’s on the list of compatible phones. It even passes the IMEI validation. The other day I tried to make a call but there was no ring and the call disconnected right away. It was late so I first thought the office was closed and the voicemail was full or something. But...
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    After 3G shutdown will there be any carriers for older phones?

    I’m on Cricket and had to upgrade 3 out of 4 phones for the family. What to do with the old phones? Will they work on any carriers after 3G is shutdown on the big 3 in the US?
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    Non-5G Phone just started displaying LTE+

    I have an Essential Phone that I just started using again since my other phone is on the 3G Naughty List. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and today I just noticed the the Cell Signal Indicator in the top right corner of the screen says LTE+. So what is it and has it been that way...
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    Do I need to activate SIM that came with Cricket phone?

    I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone from Cricket before thanksgiving. I paid the Upgrade with existing number price. The phone came with a SIM card separately. I put my existing card in the phone and left the new one in the box. I recently got an email saying the following: I want to...
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    No good Black Friday Phone Deals this year?

    I’m guessing since there hasn’t been any chatter by now that Cricket isn’t having any good deals on higher end phones this Black Friday? I think in the past there have been sales on the better Samsung phones.
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    Upgrading “Old” Phone while on 5/$100 Grandfathered Plan.

    I am on the old 5 lines for $100 plan. Two of my phones didn’t make it on the list of compatible phones for the Feb ‘22 deadline. So besides replacing those phones, what is the strategy to get the newer SIM cards and not paying the upgrade fees. Do I order the SIM cards online and call to...
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    Setting up Voicemail

    I know at some point when I first started my Cricket service but it’s been several years and a couple of phones ago. I recently discovered that voicemail isn’t activated for my number now. I brought up the dial pad on my phone and pressed the 1 button. A message was played saying that this...
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    I upgraded my phone to latest Android Version - now it shows AT&T instead of Cricket

    I have an Essential Phone and one of the great things about it is that it gets the latest Android version almost as soon as Google releases it. I upgraded it to Android 10 the other day and now it shows AT&T as the carrier instead of Cricket. Everything seems to still be working (calls, texts...
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    How to get Android updates on an AT&T branded Galaxy Note 8

    I bought an AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Swappa to use on Cricket. It’s got all the AT&T bloatware and stuff. It works fine with the Cricket SIM. I haven’t tried the extra features like WiFi calling but I never use them anyway. But how do I get OS and security updates? Will they...
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    Best deal on Cricket SiM?

    I have 4 lines on the group plan and might as well activate the last one before it’s too late. What’s the least expensive way to get a Cricket SIM?
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    Sending email as text still works?

    I'm trying to send a message to an older friend on tracfone who seems to have difficulty accessing his emails on his phone. For some reason, he responds better to text messages. I am the organizer for our tennis doubles group, so I send out emails to everyone versus texting or calling everyone...
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    Using Cricket in Europe. Is it possible?

    My sister and niece are going to the Azores (islands off the coast of Portugal - I had to look it up) early next year. They have service on the AT&T mothership right now and I suggested moving to Cricket to save some money and my sister said the service needed to work in whatever country she's...
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    When does your account actually expire?

    I'm trying to port out my TracFone number which expires on 08/15/16 to Cricket. I kept messing up the account # info in the port process, but I think I finally figured out my mistake. I hope that this last request goes through, but I haven't received an email from Cricket yet that the port and...
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    Adding lines to existing account - when are the new lines billed?

    I have e an existing Cricket line and I'm planning on adding additional lines to take advantage of the multi-line discounts. The existing line is billed on the 25th of each month. Are the new lines also going to be billed at that time or is that dependent on the date they were I added? I hope...
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    Do I get a SIM card when I buy a phone from Cricket? And other questions.

    I want to switch 3 phones to Cricket, but I as only able to buy 2 from Cricket through Amazon, so I need another. I came up with the bright idea of getting a cheap/free smartphone from Cricket to get the sim card and save the phone as a spare single I as going to use my existing phone. I...
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    Best way to switch from Micro SIM to Nano SIM

    I just got a new GSM phone and it takes a Nano SIM whereas my old GSM phone has Micro SIM. I have a new Nano SIM ready to install, but how do I get my TracFone phone number transferred over to it? I checked the website, but I don't see a way to do this. I was hoping to avoid going through...
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    Is Hotspot locked down for unlocked phones?

    I'm considering switching from the T-Mobile $30 5GB monthly prepaid plan to TF. Based on my usage, I can probably bring down my cell bill to $200 a year which averages out to less than $17 per month. My wife has Cricket on a Nexus 6 and the hotspot feature is locked down, displaying an upsell...
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    Is the FastActPortal usage tracking site down?

    For the past couple of days, I've been getting the Sad Face OOPS! message whenever I try to check my usage. Is anyone else having this problem?[phonenumberhere]&numberSubmit=Submit
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    How to transfer account/phone number to a new SIM card?

    I couldn't pass up the deal on the Nexus 6 to replace my Nexus 4. The N4 uses a Micro SIM and the N6 uses a nano. I am on the $30 5GB LTE prepaid plan and I have an unactivated nano SIM from one of the past 99¢ sales, so how do I go about transferring my phone number to it? Is this something...
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    LTE Band 12: Magical Unicorn status?

    I currently have a Nexus 4 on the $30 5GB prepaid plan. I work from home, so I don't leave the house much, but there are buildings where I get no reception (school cafeteria, convention halls etc). My N4 is an HSPA+ device only, so no LTE. I keep reading about how desirable Band 12 is and...