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    No clue what this is

    I have no clue what this is. AFAIK there's nothing on that pole but a light and a power wire going to that light. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    ATT outage on East coast

    I'm here in Roanoke Va and cant access any websites over cellualar but I can do a speed test? DNS servers down for ATT?
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    Dropping connection and weird happenings

    So for the last week I have been loosing connection to LTE for a few seconds. I put in a mark the spot and after a few they got back to me saying there was a known technical issue in the area. A few hours later that same night I got another message stating it was fixed. Its not fixed but gets...
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    Roaming changes

    I thought there was a thread at one point on this forum for raining changes with ATT and other carriers. I have a few questions about my area. I'd also like to keep a ongoing thread about changes we see going forward. I have had ATT for just over a year. I have been more then pleased with the...
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    Small cell spotted but not sure who the carrier is.

    I have no clue when this was put up but looks like what I would call a small cell. I have no clue who the carrier is but I do have CA live in that intersection/area. It's also the only area that I have seen have 15Mhz on band 2 and 10Mhz band 12 CA active. I mostly just run across 10x10 CA or...
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    HD calling issues

    I just bought a Note 8 and was wondering do iPhone and Androids have HD calling between the 2 devices? I don't see any HD notification on my note 8 when calling or receiving calls from my wife. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    LTE Band usage, coverage and other technobabble!

    I'm a big tech geek. I love mobile technology and networking. I like looking at sighting like this and S4GRU for sprint just to see all the need new deployments and the effects of them. Does AT&T have a website dedicated to them like S4GRU does for Sprint? Is where a site that to thread...
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    Market penetration in a given area.

    Is there a way I can tell how many customers a carrier or AT&T has in a given area? I'm in Roanoke VA for reference. Sent from my SM-N920P using HoFo mobile app
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    AT&T T-Mobile adds 753k customers... Most from AT&T

    Why are people leaving AT&T in droves? I'm switching to AT&T now, I'm just waiting on the iPhones to get here. Should I worried and am I missing something? This is the 1st time history that I can remember ATT plans are cheaper then Verizon AND they have unlimited data.
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    Verizon shutting down 2G network as early at 2019

    Correct me if I'm wrong but 3G does not support calls correct? In 2019 what happens to people that don't have LTE service?
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    Notifying ATT of existing tower but no current coverage.

    I have an area that I frequent and they have CDMA and LTE coverage through verizon us cell. No GSM company has coverage in the area. I also think its only 1 or 2 towers that supply coverage to the entire area. The exact location is Catawba Va. There is a tower at the firestation and thats the...