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    Looking Back at Droid Pro

    Now that the droid pro has been out for awhile and many people have had a lot of time with it.. what are your overall thoughts? I am thinking about getting one, so I was just wondering.. i remember when it came out, people had a lot of complaints about it.. i was wondering if there were any...
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    Student Discount Question

    my dad pays the cell phone bill and we do not have any discounts on our account. i was wondering if i can apply the student discount i get to our account even though i am not the primary line if not, will they be able to tell that my dad is not the person who is the student if i use all his...
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    Backup Assistant Questions

    I use my verizon and I downloaded the app while i had a connect plan i am wondering if it costs any money to use now i now am back on a select plan mainly i am wondering if i am charged data every time the phone updates (which is daily) or if there is any other ways i may be charged.
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    protection for env touch

    i was just wondering how you guys are protecting your env touches and what your opinions are on the following protectors zagg invisible shield bodyguardz phantomskinz ghost armor as you can see im looking more at the non-bulky, invisible protection for my env i see a lot of articles on the...
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    Getting an Alltel Plan now right before the switch

    okay, so i keep hearing that July 12 is the big day that alltel switches to verizon in northeast ohio, right? well, if my two years with verizon are up, can i check out all the alltel plans and see if they have better deals. if they do, switch to alltel and then i will be switched back to...
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    Verizon treo 700p, treo700w, xv6700, moto q, or i730?

    which one do you guys suggest? and any other suggestions in the same price range? and do all of them have good service? right now i am leaning towards xv6700 because it has wifi (and a camera)
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    good place to get used or refurbished phones

    okay, i have been looking all over the internet, trying to find good prices on refurbished or used cell phones.. and i dont know what websites to trust i was just wondering if anyone knew a trustworthy website and i was also wondering if you guys know if those kind companies will buy my phone...
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    water damage?

    i have the razr2, and i barely got my phone wet. and the screen is going blank i dont have insurance but the phone is still under the 1 year warranty (obviously since the phone hasnt been out for a year) i was wondering if there is anything i can do.. how red does that sticker on the back have...
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    what are the current HTC phones available from verizon?.. and are there any new ones from HTC coming to verizon in the near future?