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    Looking For Some New Bluetooth Earbuds

    I'm getting a new phone that has Bluetooth 5.0 in it and I'm preferably looking for a earpiece with 5.0, but if not I can settle for something with good battery life and nose cancellation. Before this I had the LG tone infinim 910 and those were the best I've owned easily would last over a day...
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    AOL & Unlimited Data Question

    I sold my line doing a assumption of liability last week but now I have a couple of questions. The other party hasn't taken over the line yet seeing how my old phone is still active. I've emailed him yesterday to see what happened. In assuming he's buying another phone or has to out a deposit...
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    AOL Question With 2 Lines

    I have 2 lines a main and a sub account. The main has unlimited data and the sub account has tiered data. If i did AOL on the main line would I still be able to keep the sub account line? Or would I have to give up the sub account line along with the main line?
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    Anyone Else Having Issues Accessing Facebook On Verizons Network?

    I'm using a Nokia Lumia 928 and all other apps and websites work except for Facebook whether its the app or website it won't properly load newsfeeds or notifications within the app, and won't load the website at all in the web browser whether its he full site or mobile site, all other websites...
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    Warranty Question

    If I wanted to use the warranty on a my Lumia 928 I purchased off Swappa am I able to take it to Verizon and have them swap the phone out for another one or do I have to go directly through Nokia for warranty issues? The phone is in perfect condition but there is a known bug with the phone...
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    Certified Preowned Devices & Unlimited Data?

    I was reading on another forum that if u purchase a cpo device u are able to retain your unlimited data and get a new phone that way, while getting a warranty and being able to add insurance is this true? Has anyone been able to do this? Sent from my mwp6985 using Tapatalk
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    Unlimited Data and Adding A Line?

    I understand that if you want new contract pricing on a phone u have to upgrade which will then get rid of ur grandfathered unlimited data. but if i added a line what would happen with my unlimited data? would i be forced onto a shared data plan between the 2 lines, or would the added line be...
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    Best Jawbone Bt?

    I currently have the jawbone icon thinker headset its one of the best headsets I've ever used my only complaints are battery life is somewhat short and there's no way to adjust the volume Are there any newer jawbone headsets I can listen to music from my phone with a option to adjust the volume...
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    Since Verizon Eliminated Early Upgrades Has Anyone Upgraded Early?

    I used my last annual upgrade already but i remember reading that they will still be letting people upgrade early through special promos and mail in offers and stuff. So i was wondering if anyone has used their last annual upgrade and has received any kind of offer/promo to upgrade early...
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    Phone Batteries Covered Under Warranty?

    Just wondered I'm having some weird battery life out of my HTC trophy and I was considering getting a new one but I just got this phone in June isn't there a warranty on the battery where they will give me a new one? Sent from my mwp6985 using Board Express
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    Datpiff Mobile App Now Available

    lets u check the latest hip hop mixtapes stream them directly to your wp7 phone rate and comment on the mixtapes. a must have if your a hip hop fan supports multitasking as well now available free in the marketplace
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    WP7 Mango vs iOS5 Thorough Comparison Looks like wp7 >>>> to me what do u guys think Sent from my mwp6985 using Board Express
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    WP7 Needs Notification Menu

    Considering windows mobile had it before both ios and android we need it back on wp7. Live tiles are great but when the phone is in your pocket and a app gives a notification that's not on the homescreen how are u suppose to know? Would it be possible for a app to be made for this or is it just...
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    So New Every 2 Is Gone, Annual Upgrading Is Gone and Now Tiered Data....

    Whats keeping you with verizon? it seems like they're taking away everything i loved with verizon when i first signed up way back in 2004. Now i talked to a rep about them getting rid of ne2 and annual upgrading and i was told that they would still send out email/mail offers to upgrade early for...
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    Looking For A Stereo Bluetooth To Replace My Jabra Bt 8010

    I had the jabra bt 8010 for a few years now and its the best I've ever used long battery life and great sound quality. I would like to buy another actually but I barely can find any in stock anywhere for a price I'm willing to pay or for the price I paid for mines a while back ($30). Does...
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    IM+ Now Available For Windows Phone 7 We mentioned the other day that ShapeServices had submitted the popular messaging app, IM+, for Marketplace certification. Apparently the certification has gone smoothly and IM+ for Windows Phone 7 is now available. Now before you gasp at the...
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    Siriusxm App?

    Is there any app for us siriusxm subscribers to listen to siriusxm on wp7 Sent from my mwp6985 via the HowardForums WP7 App
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    HTC Trophy Release Thread

    Well guys its here finally released HTC Trophy is a global Windows Phone 7 device for Verizon Wireless. It has a 1GHz processor...
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    Verizon's SIM Cards In World Phones

    I have a Verizon HTC Imagio that im selling, ill be upgrading thursday to the htc trophy. I sold my imagio on ebay already just havent shipped it out yet but i was wondering is the sim card tied to me and my vzw account? ive never used it to save my contacts or anything to it but i was...
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    Will Verizon Ever Launch Windows Phone 7?

    Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.7 (WindowsMobile; PPC; Opera Mobi/35267; U; en; Presto/2.1.1)) i mean seriously wtf...theyve launched the iphone and hundreds of android phones theyve had tons of leaked info for the HTC Trophy but still no info on a release date. ive been following rumored release...