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    Noticed No Frills now has No Name Mobile

    So I'm really not sure why Canadians would give more money to a single corporation... Now, they're cellular. Lowblaws is one company and Dominion Group is another. I think they control > 90% of the grocery market, and we all know where that has led. Absurd pricing.
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    Verizon - More reliable cross country road trip than AT&T

    Hello, We recently did a cross country road trip, from Nogales Mexico, to Vancouver Canada, then to Springfield MO, onto Toronto Canada with weeks in the US. Rogers is my main carrier, but roaming in the US is included and I can roam on any of the Big 3 networks (AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile)...
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    Rogers (wireless) throttling to 5 Mbps after downloading about 100 GB?

    Hello, I downloaded a whole bunch of movies from netflix (and other sources) and now I'm stuck at 5 Mbps no matter where I am, or which of my two devices I use... I've got about 100 GB left and am only 7 days into my billing cycle, but I didn't think Rogers throttled or even made use of QCI...
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    Rogers, any phones actually SA capable?

    Hello, So looking at my Fold 5's options in band selection reveals that SA Only cannot be enabled, and there are no SA bands in the 5G band list. Seems like a firmware configuration problem, considering Rogers is starting to deploy 5G SA. To my knowledge, the bands presented are an accurate...
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    Share data on new Roam Beyond?

    Hello, Just as the title states, can you share data on the roam beyond plan? On rogers my 3 lines are sharing 320 GB between them.
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    Roam Beyond?

    Hahaha that's one way to look at it. Wonderful Italy :) Ah no thanks Canada:
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    Roam Beyond?

    Hmmm Freedom is offering Roam Beyond, and now that all plans are "nationwide" it is super tempting. No more $300 a month bills from Rogers just for visiting Jamaica for the week. Freedom shows the country list as: Albania, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas...
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    S22 - Check battery cycles / health?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to check the battery cycles / health on an S22? Thanks,
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    CAN + US + Mexico, available on RPP?

    Hello, Usually every plan is available for RPP, seems like the CAN + US + Mexico option isn't available yet on the RPP flow. Any news on when it might become available?
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    Rogers Tower, not yet active?

    Hello, We see a new rogers tower here thanks to the good old Canadian Cell Tower map. But visiting the cottage this weekend, it appears the tower isn't actually active yet.
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    Canada / US Plans with Tablet, roaming in the United States?

    Hi, So I have a Canada US Rogers Infinite plan with a Tablet added for $10 / mo on top of the plan. Does anyone know what will happen if I take the tablet to the US? Will the usage be from the main plan like I expect, or something different?
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    Rogers LTE speed tests. 1/4 mile times go here!

    Ouch, last night in Kingston, Ontario near the Rona.
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    Still sucks to have a Canadian cell phone plan (vs the rest of the world)!

    Australia: America: France: Pretty much all of Europe is unlimited, Latin America, Asia is super dirt cheap. Just a reminder that having a cell plan in Canada and needing to use data still sucks!
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    All of Rogers (wireless) is down

    Edit: Officially roaming on Bell through Flexiroam e-SIM. Was $8 USD for 3 days / 500 MB. Screw you Rogers!
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    All of Rogers (wireless) is down

    All of Rogers is down this morning for a 2nd time in about a year! Can't register on Rogers-EXT (Bell) or WiFi calling either. Time to switch back to Bell.
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    Turn off SMS voicemail notifications?

    I have no idea why Rogers feels the need to turn my SMS inbox into complete spam central, by sending an SMS "from" the number that called me telling me there is a voicemail. That's what the voicemail indicator from 1998 is for. Every single spam call I receive now sends me a text as well...
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    No update for dirty pipe in over 3 weeks

    It's been over 3 weeks since the zero day dirty pipe exploit was released, and most recent cell phones from Samsung is vulnerable. I have yet to see an update here on my S22. This means any app can trivially exploit a shell to gain root access. Samsung still hasn't provided an update or...
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    Rogers LTE speed tests. 1/4 mile times go here!

    Managed to hit 250 Mbps on Rogers today!
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    Rogers App - Can't even login this morning

    Like what goes on at Rogers, honestly. Super super super unreliable company without any QA it seems. Today I can't even login to the app. 1. Put in my username and password as usual 2. A new "I'm not a robot" checkbox appears 3. I check the box 4. Taken back to login Just wow. Okay...
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    Latest S21 Update, WiFi calling stopped working

    Hey, Another day, another problem with Rogers... So updated my S21 the other day to the latest version 5BVA1 and now WiFi calling doesn't work when in flight mode even though the setting is WiFi preferred. If I toggle off flight mode then back after it's registered to the network it sticks...