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    T-Mobile My SGH-t409 (the blue flip phone with UMA) doesn't read some of my SIM card

    My phone gets service so clearly it knows there's a SIM card in the phone, but if I go to MENU > SETTINGS > MEMORY > PHONEBOOK the SIM section is greyed out. if I go to MENU > PHONEBOOK > MANAGEMENT option 1 (Default Save) is not an option to I can change. I did a hard reformat on the phone (a...
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    For Sale: Sony Ericsson Xperia x10a (black, rooted, Custom ROM) AT&T

    Selling my ATT Sony Ericsson X10 android phone. it's black and comes with a wall charger and a 2GB SD Card. it's currently running Cyanogen 6.1.3 (here: but I can put a stock ROM or the international 2.1 ROM if you'd prefer, it's no...
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    T-Mobile T409 UMA on ATT?

    if i have a Samsung T409, T-mobile branded, and I unlock it, can I use the the UMA capabilities on AT&T? if not by normal means, is it possible to hack the phone to use the UMA on AT&T?
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    what kind of tweaks can I do with customize_upgrade.xml and a c905?

    so far I've put threaded SMS onto my phone (and it feels like a brand new phone!), but I know there's all kinds of things that you can do to customize the phone this way. what kind of tweaks have you done with your phone? I'd like some ideas to play around with possibly. also, is there a way to...
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    no threaded SMS in c905

    I have a c905a that I debranded to be a regular c905 (I have ATT) and supposedly, this phone, with the newest updates, gets threaded SMS. well I don't have that and the update program for my PC says I have the newest version. is there a setting I have to set? I've tried looking everywhere in my...
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    skype on c905?

    How do I get this? I can't find anything anwhere D:
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    my ATT contract is up. I want to buy an iphone

    Obviously I don't have an iphone now, and ATT makes people pay for the iphone plan to use the iphone. I did some research and apparently it's impossible for the newer models to mask their IMEI. My contract is expired. Do you think I can just say "give me a discount or I'll switch to another...
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    c905 updating and hacking

    I just debranded my ATT c905a and when I ran the sony ericsson updater, it says a new update is available. is there anything bad that could happen by updating since it's debranded? my other question, is it possible to hack this phone to use the radio without an antenna? I did it with my old...
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    connect my w580i via blutooth, and using it as a microphone

    Is this possible? I really don't want to shell out money for an expensive bluetooth headset if I can use my phone that I already own.
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    A way to get my contract canceled for free?

    I just got my bill statement a few days ago. It says "NOTICE OF REVISED ARBITRATION CLAUSE IN CONTRACT so they changed the contract to fit some kind of small claims court ruling weirdo stuff. I don't like the plan I already have so can I use this as a way out of my contract?