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    getting a phone unlocked on sprint/ t-mobile

    7 calls, 7 hours... 4 twitter messages Just kill me now ... PUSH THE BUTTON BRO PUSH IT
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    How the big 3 can improve customer service calls ... turn on HD Voice!

    Yeah, it's not as simple as flipping a switch, they'd have to turn on G722 for their VoIP callcenter then transcode to be compatible with AMR-WB (Cellular HD Voice). But god damn, wouldn't it be so amazing if a phone company had their own latest tech enabled so that their staff could hear...
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    PSA: / Rogers Gamecenter Live not included on Business Share everything

    It looks like Business Share Everything is secretly excluded from , from my testing and from Rogers Chat / Forum reps. (feel free to test if you're a business Share everything customer in case it's just my account that's messed up This unfortunately...
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    Name Display suddenly working on nexus / pure google?

    This whole time I thought this was an android problem, all of the sudden my NameID is working after an account change. To test this, you have to receive a call from a landline or another rogers customer (NOT in your contacts), and you have to disable google's reverse lookup feature ( Phone, ...
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    CRTC Hearing: Upvote my commnents on Porting, Overage, and LD

    Call Forwarding on Prepaid, Long Distance Charges, US Texting Advertising of Data overage in Gigabytes instead of megabytes Internal number porting restrictions (line to line...
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    Anyone tried adding Unison to non-business plans?

    Of course it needs to be a small-business & share everything on paper... But if some rep were to press the "wrong" button, would the system allow Unison to be provisioned on a consumer share everything plan?
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    Rip ron

    So call forwarding to US goes back to 55c/min without a North America plan :lol: EDIT: Yup, Rogers has moved Ring my numbers to Unison
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    uploading money via SMS

    Hi, I have a large pre-paid balance that I'm going to port away to another carrier, so I can't transfer it. I can donate to red cross. There used to be a gameshow in Quebec called CallTV where you could gamble in 1$ increments with a premium SMS text messages. Any other ways to upload funds...
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    It's a good thing there's ******* when I enter my SIM Unlock code

    I wouldn't want someone in a parallel universe, standing over my shoulder, unlocking their phone with my code Happy Holidays everyone 8^)
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    Change to Share everything plan while Keeping Rogers One Number?

    Can any CSR help with this? I called in and was told it can't be done. I don't want to call in 8 times to get the truth, can I get in the fast lane please, thx :)
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    unlimited data options in Quebec?

    There's no wind in Quebec. Vidéotron at one point had an unlimited plan, I guess that's gone. This has to be truly unlimited, it's for a rural desktop tethering installation. I might end up biting the bullet with xplornet, I'm not fond of signing contract for a non-portable device. Maybe I can...
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    Rogers Introduces Long Distance Data via Chatr brand Another Rogers First! :D You can now be billed differently for data when you leave your home city, even when not roaming on another carrier :hehehe:
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    Rogers name display on Android 6.0?

    Can someone comment on the status of Rogers name display? Does it still work on iOS? I'm referring to name ID on inbound calls. I'm on Android 6.0, which has "caller ID by google". That seems to give me name display. If I turn it off, I just get the phone number - so Rogers name display is...
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    Plans Best value unlimited Voice is... chatr?

    I'm looking for unlimited voice on a national carrier. Chatr looks like the cheapest at 25$/month for Province Wide. Am I missing something - anyone else worth looking into?
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    What's up with HD Voice?

    Every new phone claims to support it, and I have no idea how to tell if it's turned on / working or if it works between carriers. It's sort of fallen off the grid ... until VoLTE revives it I expect. So many questions.. Which Canadian carriers does with work between? Is it turned on for...
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    Free Internet between 2AM and 6AM [Sarcasm]

    If you're a Rogers customer - those times are probably familiar to you by now - It's the 4 hour timeblock where MyRogers is unavailable for use, each and every day - for "maintenance". While I empathize with the enormous complexity and cost that must be their billing system, clearly Rogers has...
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    Bell Samsung says no to root and custom roms

    Perhaps this is old news, but I try to stay in the know and it's the first i've heard of it. I was under the impression that samsung devices were a good choice for custom roms because of their popularity, but it appears Samsung has taken a stand against this; rooting your phone or installing a...
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    Bell My experience using Bell Mobile TV

    If someone could maybe make a Venn diagram that explains what channels and programs I can actually watch, without clicking on them and getting an error, and how availability of such channels relates to my geographic location, phone type, Bell Fibe TV package mestrual cycle, this would be useful.
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    Absolute cheapest rogers plan eligible for Rogers One Number?

    Any weird plans floating around that would qualify? Data-only / ipad plans don't. Or if someone has a 100mins/10$ plan from 1999 that would work too...
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    Bell Where's the innovation at Bellus? No follow-me features?

    After a year away from Rogers I'm really starting to miss their advanced features, like Rogers One Number, and extreme text messaging. In particular, I'm working in a building with limited cell reception, which means, it's physically impossible for me to receive text messages - short of getting...