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    T-Mobile International 5G Roaming

    I noticed more and more intl carriers now offering 5G connections while roaming. While I was in South Africa I got the dreaded you have reached you 5 Gigs limit and was downgraded to 256K speeds. 5G roaming connections are great but, it makes it easier to blow past your 5 Gig allotment. :doh:
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    T-Mobile SpaceX & T-Mobile plan to announce plans to increase connectivity
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    T-Mobile Esim bug

    Looks like a new bug affecting iPhones.
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    Xfinity mobile works in Puerto Rico.

    Brought my xfinity phone to Puerto Rico. It works I got the pop up message that my service works here.
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    T-Mobile Intl data from SC to T-mo one

    I just recently changed to T-mo one plus plan from the Simple choice. The 256K speed makes a world of difference. I use to get website stalling all the time, now they load. During my travels I noticed many places intl can get congested and 128K on a saturated tower is painful. Paris...
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    No Roaming in Palau no service.

    Well it seems only after further research T-mobile never established roaming with Palaucel network. Feels weird having no service. Even when I went to Cuba I could connect to Cubacel at outrageous rates.
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    Let's go to South Korea!!

    Four networks only can roam on two. SKTelecom and KT. Decent speeds. SKT is using LTE band 7 and speeds are decent. On KT they are using band 3 only got have the speed as SKT.
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    Claro is now the preferred network to Roam in Latin America.

    Anybody noticed in their travels in Latin America that Movistar isn’t the preferred network to roam on? Having been to Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Chile, Panama, Brazil and Argentina. I would roam on Movistar (Vivo in Brazil) automatically. Now it seems in those same countries it picks...
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    T-Mobile T-Mobile in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

    With all the destruction that occurred in Puerto Rico. I will be on the island tomorrow for a couple of hours. I will report back coverage issues around the SJU Airport area and San Juan city. People are in such dire conditions they are stealing copper from the phones lines and around...
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    T-Mobile T-mobile Wifi calling in China

    Which China's crackdown on VPN's. Is T-mo wifi calling still working?
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    Cuba roaming working.

    Heads up just touched down in Havana. Roaming is set up with Cubacel. 3G data coverage spotty. Data expensive and calls at 2 usd a minute and 50 cents a text. Wifi non existent at airport. Luckily the free gogo wifi works almost all the way to Cuba.
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    Myrtle beach LTE band 5

    Heads up. In myrtle beach now. Currently on LTE band 5. Here are the results. I must say results are good.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    Currently in Guatemala on Movistar LTE band 2.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    The hi speed promo is over. Currently in Medellín Colombia and back to 2G speeds.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    Currently in Guadalajara Mexico. Roaming on Movistar LTE band 2.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    Currently in Toronto. Roaming on Telus 3G and LTE band 7.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    Currently in Panama. Connected to Digicel 3G and Movistar 3G and LTE band 28. Couldn't connect to Claro or C&W.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    Currently in Guatemala. On Movistar LTE band 2. Here are the current networks and speed. Slowwwww.
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    'Unlimited' International Data Speedtest!

    Currently in punta cana. Only 3G orange and Claro. Painful slow.
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    USVI experience. Painful

    So I just got back from USVI. Omg what a painful experience. On tmo only edge. Was able to roam on Innovative VI 3G but was not able to use data. Several networks to chose from. Only able to connect to Innovative network 311-470 and tmo. No other network I could connect to. I tried speed...