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    Post Your 3G EVDO Rev A speeds

    Ft. Bragg, NC (Fayetteville/Raeford/Aberdeen)
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    Sprint Get WM 6.5 for your TP2 Here! :-)

    :clapping: :clapping: Enjoy! :clapping:
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    Sprint Migrating info from Treo Pro to TP2 (Mac and Missing Sync)

    Hi All, I am anxiously awaiting my TP2 to arrive today and wanted to know if anyone has upgraded from a Treo Pro to a Touch Pro 2 and is using Missing Sync Windows Mobile on a Mac (4.0.5)? I'm thinking it should be a relatively straightforward sync, but I don't have any experience with HTC...
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    "listen in"/Call Screening

    Hi All, Recently I have noticed that my "listen in"/Call Screening feature (option 3) is no longer there. I thought it was something in my settings, but my settings haven't changed. Under calls I have it set for call presentation "on". Nothing had changed in my service settings. Just one...
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    Sprint PAM $0, Centro, will I lose it if I upgrade to BB

    Hi, I am considering upgrading to a BlackBerry Curve from a Palm. As a retentions deal, I was given PAM with a $0 MRC (don't use it much, but good back-up). If I switch to a BlackBerry, with the $30 BIS plan, will my 0$ PAM add on work, or would I lose this and have to add the $15 Blackberry...
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    Merging BANs

    Greetings all, Quick question about merging two BANs (Billing Account Numbers). I recently received a new phone which was supposed to be on my account, but for some reason came with a new BAN. I called during activation and they merged the accounts. When I check the new account online, it no...
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    Novatel Expresscard to USB or PCMCIA Card Adapter

    Hi, Has anyone used the Novatel Expresscard to USB or Expresscard to PCMCIA card adapter? Novatel's website lists them as driverless, but was curious how well it really works with Sprint Aircards. I did a search of the forums, but didn't find anyone who had specifically talked about using one...
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    Data activity every night at 1:30'ish

    Greetings all, I starting noticing something strange happening in my data accounting in OLAM. Every night, at about 1:30, there is roughly 30-35MB of data usage (without fail, it happens every night). This is on a Samsung Blackjack. No software has been installed. The phone is configured to...
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    Adding and Removing Features

    Hi, If I wanted to add Media Max 200 for a short period of time, would I be able to turn it on and off without incurring a change in my contract terms (ie, I would like to turn it on for certain period of times, and turn it off at other times)... would the feature be pro-rated? Would it allow...