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    Pack it up boys! It's all over 3g discontinued

    3g is being discontinued in the states. Most if not all of the keitai we collected are unusable.:( It's the end of an era. Any good memories anyone wants to share?
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    Constant Connection Timeout- please help

    I'm trying to update Line on my shf31 but it keeps saying connection timed out whenever I try. This includes when i'm using Wifi. I checked if i could download an update from any of my other apps and no luck! They're all in the same boat. I can't figure out how to update it! I can't use google...
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    [SOLD] Au KDDI SHF32 unlocked

    I'm looking for an AU KDDI SHF32 0r 32. I don't mind which as long as it is unlocked to work on american service providers sim cards.. I'm willing to negotiate on price with any sellers.
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    Internet Acess?

    Are there any keitai that allow you to use the internet access provided by your phone company in the US? I love my SH-03E but the no internet or Wifi thing is killing me.:doh: Doubly so since my access to wifi for my pc has become unstable. I don't want to get a non flip phone, so i'm trying to...
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    SH-03e SD help?

    I got an SD for my SH-03e but it's not recognizing it? Is there something i have to do to get it to work? I've been attempting to formatt it but it's saying "Unable to access data or microsd"
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    Please Help me unlock my Docomo SH-03E

    I bought it off of amazon and the seller said it would be unlocked, but they lied and it wasn't.:mad: I don't want to have to return it. Is there anyway to unlock my phone? I bought a sim card for it but it can't be used right now. Advice?