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    Casual Poll, Have You Heard About the Year End VZW CDMA Shutdown?

    I knew I would be doubted as always. I was kind of shocked I haven't seem more information about this posted.
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    Monthly discount ??

    Okay so I did some research and I realize I was a little off. I apologize. It's hard to keep up on the rules to every plan, especially when the rules constantly change. I have added a picture showing that the old version of Go and Beyond Unlimited get a flat account level $15 off. I swear FUDP...
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    MiFi $20 Unlimited Data Add On

    Oh really? I was slightly off on pricing. It's actually $25 on unlimited but here is my proof. Read the last line. I know my stuff. Trust me.
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    Verizon Novatel T1114 LTE Router w/ Voice Vs. Newer T1114V -- What's Different?

    Even the original T1114 now supports VoLTE. It's simply a feature that has to be added to your account to enable it. It's been supported for several months. It was a pretty quiet launch. They say you can now fax and use security and such with it.
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    Verizons Droid Turbo offer, ughhhhhh

    via the HoFo App
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    Anyone getting dummy devices?

    Has anyone gotten the Droid Mini, Ultra, Max, or the HTC One dummy devices yet?
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    SureTec Device Coverage... good money!

    Hey everyone. If any of you are considering selling a device protection policy or would like to switch to a different one, this is one to look in to. I don't want to sound like I work for the company, I don't. Just a satisfied client. You can actually search back last year and I posted a...
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    Home Fusion counter piece

    I received this today. It's a cardboard piece for a counter that talks about home fusion and shows the actual size of the cantenna. Did everyone receive one or is it a sign 4G is launching here very soon? I think those that have 4G already had them so trying to figure out if everyone else is now...
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    Prices on devices?

    Do you guys price devices in display or not? We always have but thinking or changing since the price tags give the options. Would be easier on ever changing prices and also striking up conversation about pricing instead of a customers just looking at price and leaving.
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    Pics of CDMA panels

    So here is something a little different. I could be totally wrong but thought I'd post here for others opinions. Below is a picture of a tower near me. The county to the north has had LTE panels installed on the towers over the past month, but not turned on yet. If you look at this picture...
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    Activate Later commission

    Anyone else seeing that several of their activate later upgrades haven't shown up on the commission statement yet? I'm a little worried.
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    Those of you that are open Sundays, how are they? Is there a decent amount of business? Did you notice anymore overall sales being open Sunday's from when you weren't? Anyone in a smaller community?
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    Signature Pads...

    Does anyone know if there is anything new out there compatible with EROES? We have the original Topaz pads and they are horrible. We replaced our pens with new ones within the past year or two and they aren't working again. Hoping its just the batteries but we seem to be replacing the...
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    Anyone familiar with them? I'm impressed with everything I'm gathering. Seems like a very good insurance option. Maybe a tad pricy to the customer but I think the benefits outweigh that and make it a good option. Can't complain about what I'm seeing on the compensation side either. Just...
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    EROES Down?

    Anyone else have issues today? Can log in but then no options to do anything once you're in?
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    iPhone 4 Demo devices to IOS 5

    Anyone had any luck or know how to do this? I tested it on the demo I'm no longer using and had no luck. When updating it said it couldn't backup the device. I had manually done a backup of the device just in case before hand just to be safe. After the IOS upgrade I restored from the backup...
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    iPad Indirect

    Any non premium Indirect out there that are selling the iPad? I'm getting some confusing information and not sure if we are allowed or are going to be allowed to sell them? Also, does anyone have an iPad activated on a Tablet Demo plan? I have a Galaxy Tab and had a Xoom on it before that...
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    Anyone use them or have any experience? I've been thinking about it especially after a Holidays offer I got in an email this week. What about RQ4 integration? Is it easy? Sent from my SCH-I905 using HowardForums
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    iQMetrix RQ4 question...

    Any other owners here or someone who is involved in their RQ4 setup? I've been using it for around a year and a half now but there are always things here and there that I run in to and have questions about. One of the main things I feel I could setup better is bill payment processing. I'm not...
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    Dummy Phones

    I know not all of you have live working phones for every single device you carry. Where do you get your dummies at if the LG or Samsung or whoever doesn't send them to you? It seems to be hit or miss on which devices they send. I normally get mine from VZW but I can't get the Commando. A...