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    iphone thetering app for iOS 6

    does anyone know of any working thetering app for iOS 6? i looked through the forum and could not find any info. also did a google serach and apps that are being mentioned have been removed from the app market. any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Sprint Service in Daytona Beach, FL for Bike Week

    Hello, I just wanted to drop a couple of lines and talk about the Sprint service during my couple of days stay in Daytona Beach, FL for a bad *** Bike Week. Please before i start dont attack me, i am just talking about my personal experience only with the service, others might have felt...
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    [T-Mobile] Does anyone have any info on the EDGE rollout?

    I have read on some threads here and on DSL Reports about some markets having EDGE already available via T-Mobile. Does anyone have or knows where you can get their roll out plan or something saying what the availability will be and when? Some of us (like my self) can't wait for something new...