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    Note 7 REcall

    We have gotten zero guidance from the company regarding this recall. Any info on this would be appreciated. What are you guys doing with all the various accessories people want to return? (I think we might have to eat that cost.) Also, what is up with the Dymax RMA process. I really can't...
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    Getting Rid of Demo Mode on 5C

    Having trouble figuring out how to get our former demo iphone 5c back to regular mode. Anyone accomplish this?
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    New Eroes/sig pad friendly laptop needed

    I haven't changed any of our computers for a good while, so I am out of the loop when in comes to EROES (and sig pads) and compatibility with various versions of Windows. I need a good basic business capable machine for other uses besides activation. Considering the Surface Pro, but am a...
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    Looks like somebody guessed wrong on naming the ISIS Mobile Wallet, lol

    Ah yes, the must have product for jihadists worldwide. I wonder what discussions they are having about the name right now. :befuddled
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    Early Upgrade?

    We got a notice about early (non-Edge) upgrades for this week for those within 12 months of contract expiration. The problem is that we can't seem to find anyone who is noted on the WAA as being eligible. Is this working for anyone?
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    Why is VZW hiring so many on New England now?

    This article indicates they are looking for 330 retail, sales and cs positions in New England. Also they employ 2500 in the same region, so this is relatively a lot of people. So what gives that in this economy they would have or 13% vacancy rate? Is it some kind of housecleaning where tons...
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    Is Edge really that promising?

    I understand from a company perspective nothing could be better than Edge. Customers moving the Share More, no phone subsidy, reduced commissions and the customers are still under a contract (albeit a consumer installment contract). The market may dictate otherwise, but I am not seeing the...
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    ATT's New Discount Plan (4 lines 10GB $160 if you bring your own phone)

    Not sure what to make of this exactly. If 4 lines sign up for Next, you are pretty much back up to the VZW price. Time to stock up on reman phones I guess and hope we get Edge and that it pays OK.
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    Isn't the bigger problem Straight Talk, etc?

    Yes corp is stealing our upgrades and pushing the Edge BS, but in the long run I am not so sure that is the biggest issue. I look at the economics of ST or even VZW PP and for a single line, and VZW post pay does not compare well. The fact that all carriers are trying to move away from the...
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    Black Friday?

    How are you dealing with the various online and big box Black Friday specials? Matching, ignoring, or matching but serious talk down the deals that hurt the most, etc? Some we are matching when we can, the money losers I think we are just going to let walk, unless there is a offsetting higher...
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    No New Upgrades for 4 Months starting 9/1

    9/1 marks the start of the 4 month period no new upgrades will be made you will recall contracts expiring 12/31/13 were the last of the 20 month upgrade cycle customers. Starting with 1/1/14 expirations, the upgrade cycle is 24 months. Have you guys figured out what this...
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    Home Phone Connect that can do faxing?

    I understood earlier in the year that there was a HPC with fax capability with projected launch Q3. Since then no further word. Anyone have knowledge about this?
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    Sig Pad Alternatives

    We keep having trouble with the VZW sig pads on our Windows 7 computer. Some days it works great and others it stalls intermittently. The same pad that stalls on the 7 machine will work flawlessly on any of the XP machines, and vice versa. The manufacturers support team for the device had us...
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    "How could I have used so much !@#*& data?"

    How do you guys deal with this daily question? Most of them time customers get the idea fairly quickly, but sometimes they are in denial. Occasionally deep denial. Then we end up calling CS and the tech reads off their data session usage, etc. This is a big time waster and I am looking for...
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    Cellular Routers

    Any suggestions on where is a good wholesale source for Cradlepoint routers? These have worked well enough. We really need something that works with devices that require an ethernet connection.
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    J Lo decides to be a VZW agent, lol

    Wonder if J Lo will be joining us in the Employee/Agent Forum soon? 15 stores
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    Sig pad malfunction after Java update

    We have a Win 7 machine that got a Java update and right after that our sig pad stopped working. Anyone else have this issue? I presume we can roll the update back somehow, although never tried to do it before. Suggestions?
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    Agents - How is your company handling the iPhone price war?

    So the that Wal-Mart has pissed on Best Buy's front door with a $127 iPhone 5 and a $49 4S how will you respond? Not sure that standing pat on the regular price is so smart right now. We may need to offer a free Defender or a reduced price life proof on the 5. Of course, this means Droids...
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    EROES and Windows 7 64 bit

    Some time ago, I tried connecting a Windows 7 64 bit machine to EROES and I could only get it to go by taking off all my security. So I kept that machine for home use, but now we are looking at replacing some of the workstations. Has anyone been able to get the 64bit version to run normally on...
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    Signature pad issue

    All our sig pads became inoperable yesterday, presumably as a result of a Java update. They went out one after the other, including the pad that is on a backup computer that we keep isolated from our main network. I was considering deleting Java and installing an older version of Jave and...