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  1. ilvla2

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S10+ FM Radio

    I wish I could get it to work on my AT&T Note 10+.
  2. ilvla2

    AT&T Default roaming partner for Canada?

    Bob and Doug McKenzie Wireless, eh, inc. :hehehe:
  3. ilvla2

    T-Mobile three new Un-Carrier moves

  4. ilvla2

    AT&T Providing Relief for Customers in California 👍 Thank you, AT&T! This one covers us in Redwood Valley :buddies: "To keep AT&T wireless and AT&T PREPAID customers in areas directly affected by the Power Shutdowns throughout California connected during this difficult...
  5. ilvla2

    Disney+ to be free for one year to all unlimited subscribers-LTE, 5G and FIOS. Starting November 12, get your first year of Disney+ on us with Unlimited or when you switch to Fios Home Internet or 5G Home Internet. Then $6.99/mo after.
  6. ilvla2

    AT&T 5G DCNR Status Restricted, what is this?

    I just noticed that showing up in the CellMapper signal page for me at my place in Redwood Valley, it's showing up for all bands I get out here, too, 2, 4, 12, 14, 30. Does this mean there is some kind of 5G up, and since my Note 10+ doesn't have it, the system is basically saying, no soup for...
  7. ilvla2

    AT&T AT&T 4G HSPA+/LTE Speedtests!

    A couple from Monday on the north end of Ukiah, these were taken at Carl's Jr, just a block from the AT&T site located on a tall sign at a gas station. It did go a tad over 100 a few times, then settled back to the speeds shown. I believe they were on Band 4, it might've been Band 2, too, I...
  8. ilvla2

    U.S. Cellular's New 'Fairness' Campaign to Include Rural 5G Component
  9. ilvla2

    AT&T AT&T 4G HSPA+/LTE Speedtests!

    A little better inside our house, Band 2.
  10. ilvla2

    AT&T AT&T 4G HSPA+/LTE Speedtests!

    Wow, I only see speeds like that on my Xfinity connection (Blast! Pro, 250/10, provisioned 300/12, which I see 24x7), AT&T maxes out around 100 down, maybe a little over. You guys must have a lot of backhaul, more than our rural area. Inside our house in Redwood Valley , Band 12
  11. ilvla2

    AT&T Introduces Smart Glasses!

    I guess they're cool, if you aren't nearsighted like me and already wear glasses (I need mine for everything except for reading, close up), I doubt those would fit over them. They're ugly looking, too, they look like Roger Stone glasses lol
  12. ilvla2

    USCC CTO opens up about their 5G plans I doubt we'll see much here until they start using 600 for it, MM Wave will be utterly useless in areas like this, other than maybe right inside a town.
  13. ilvla2

    Looks like it's finally a done deal!

    Or Pacific Bell "Pure Digital" PCS.
  14. ilvla2

    Introducing T-Mo Bell

    I grew up in SoCal in the 70's and 80's, on the old school Taco Bell. This is EXACTLY what the one in Covina (Citrus Ave) looked like, the one we all went to---- The one in this picture was actually in Baldwin Park,right next door to Covina.
  15. ilvla2

    Verizon 4G LTE Speed Test Results: POST EM' HERE!

    Band 5 on my S10+ at our place in Redwood Valley, from the MonoPine serving us.
  16. ilvla2

    Band 66 sightings thread

    Band 66 spotted on my Note 9 today at my place up here in Redwood Valley, CA (Mendocino County)! Like Reno, I'm seeing the flopping between 4 and 66, I'm betting they're fine tuning it, as it just showed up today. Add Band 66 to 4 and 13 that the MonoPine serving me is putting out, that gives me...
  17. ilvla2

    Verizon band 5 deployment

    It's missing band 5 for Ukiah, CA, which was recently turned up. I have CellMapper running often, I'm not sure why it isn't showing it. I haven't seen any yet out here in Redwood Valley (8 miles north) yet, but I've found Band 5 down in Windsor, Healdsburg and Santa Rosa as well. Edit Here's...
  18. ilvla2

    US Cellular is Raising Prices on Unlimited, Offering $10 Payback for Little Data Use

    On August 23, US Cellular will tweak their Total Plans line-up by dropping one plan, raising prices on unlimited, and offering a cashback incentive for those who use little data. The plan change info comes to us via reliable source. According to information we’ve reviewed, US Cellular will...
  19. ilvla2

    Meet Moto Z3, the first 5G phone: A Verizon Exclusive

    That reminds me of the Analog sleeve (Plus Module) for the Nokia 5190 and 6190.