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    Confirmed: Unlimited Elite/Premium is now QCI8

    Seems like I’m getting more buffering icon. Sent from my iPad using HoFo
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    AT&T Turbo Add-on?

    The whole reason I upgraded to the Unlimited Premium PL plan was for higher priority data. Sent from my iPad using HoFo
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    AT&T AT&T data breach! 73 million may be affected!

    And just think they’re talking about making everyone provide checking account number or debit card number to keep autopay discount smh. Sent from my iPad using HoFo
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    AT&T 5G experience

    I'm not really impressed with AT&T's 5G sub 6ghz network in Metro Atlanta. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G smartphone. Ive done a couple speediest and I'm getting the same results I got on LTE on my iphone XR 30-40mbps. Thinking about returning the Galaxy phone. Sent from my SM-G986U1 using...
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    Unlimited data plan changes to affect EVERYONE on 8/23

    Verizon bumped up my LTE hotspot to 15gb, but explicitly states I drop down to 600kbps, wth that's slow, you can't do nothing with that speed.
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    will AT&T have to respond to Verizon / T-mobile / Sprint's unlimited data plans?

    Looks like only At&t is the only carrier that has unlimited data without a hotspot!
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    Last bill from T-Mobile abnormally high

    I had 4 lines with T-Mobile with factory unlocked iPhones and no payments to T-Mobile, in October I closed my account with T-Mobile and they tried to say I owed $300+ when my normal monthly bill was $195.00. My mom in the account holder and recently talked to them and got the bill lowered to...
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    T-Mobile moving to AT&T

    AT&T in my area is faster than T-Mobile
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    T-Mobile Apple unlock request

    I just requested 2 unlock requests, I'm planning on leaving t-mobile for AT&T how long will the process take?
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    T-Mobile moving to AT&T

    I'm on a family plan with my parents for unlimited data with T-Mobile, I have Directv and have been told I can get unlimited data with AT&T for the same price maybe a couple of dollars cheaper. My biggest concern is voice coverage since my dad is a truck driver and drives all over the east...
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    Anyone else feel t-mobile is throttling connection?

    I've only used 1GB and my max Speedtest results are around 5mbps. I have a simple choice unlimited data plan with 14GB hotspot
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    Cricket vs. T-Mobile Atlanta area

    Watching Storage wars through Directv app in Zebulon, GA aka Verizon country. T-Mobile has 1 bar of edge coverage.
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    Cricket vs. T-Mobile Atlanta area

    Just got done doing speed test, cricket initially was trying to hit 11-15Mbps then cricket throttle kicked in and slowed it back to 8mbps. Cricket had a faster ping
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    Cricket vs. T-Mobile Atlanta area

    here's a pic of the speediest result
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    Cricket vs. T-Mobile Atlanta area

    Just to fulfill my own curiosity and to write a review in the forum off of experience I just activated a $70 unlimited plan with Cricket with my old iPhone 5S and comparing it to my iPhone 6S plus with T-Mobile unlimited data. I know it's not a complete identical comparison because I'm not...
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    T-Mobile Wifi calls on carnival wifi

    I finally did fcc speed test here are the results
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    T-Mobile Wifi calls on carnival wifi

    I'm a tech geek as well as a business owner and bought the premium wifi on my carnival cruise, as an experiment before leaving land I enabled wifi calling before putting my phone into airplane mode and then connecting to carnival wifi. I was surprised I was able receive text messages over wifi...
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    iPhone 6S/6S+ Order Status

    I ordered through Apple Store App @ 3:05am on 9/12 via the HoFo App
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    T-Mobile has started throttling

    I just read and article on about throttling and at the end of my last billing cycle i felt throttled. John Legere has repeatedly said T-Mobile doesn't throttle however it lowers data prioritization of its high data unlimited customers which is throttling...