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Thread: Verizon Wireless RAZR Text messaging???

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    Verizon Wireless RAZR Text messaging???

    Sorry if I sound like a noob. Iíve been trying to figure out something on my Verizon Razr and canít find the info in the manual. Iíve noticed when I send Text messages, under my SENT folder; Iíve seen 3 different signs next to the envelope on the left side of the message.

    #1 is a black check mark
    #2 is a green arrow
    #3 is a red X (if figured these didnít work)

    I just trying to figure out what those symbols mean? Doís the Black check marked ones mean they were read and the green arrowed ones have not? I get all 3 symbols when sending texts and I donít know which ones are being received, read, not read and Not received. I thought I would find the definition of those symbols in the user manuel but havenít had any luck,

    Thanks for any info that may clear up my confussion

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    Since the verizon RAZR has diffrent software than it's Motorola brother I suggest you go here to find your answer.