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Thread: P990i+M600i FAQ & Tips/Tricks

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    Tips from posted by "ivc"

    Here's a small list of things I've found to enhance or make the P990 more useful and more practical.

    Tips and tricks:

    1. Disable handwriting recogniztion for snappier interface
    2. Select 'Large cache' in Opera
    3. To enable flash light in video capturing mode, enable light in picture mode, hold shutterbutton halfway, turn jog-dial to video mode
    4. Enable USB file transfer in 'Connections' to allow fast file copy over USB cable
    5. Set Opera zoom to 80% for overview and clear text
    6. If software update fails, try deleting blob_fs folder and install latest Java client, update will erase everything on the phone memory
    7. Set camera picture quality to 'Fine'
    8. Mute camera shutter sound
    9. Limit backlight brightness to 25-80%
    10. Disable wlan and 3G network support when not needed in 'Mobile networks' and 'WLAN' menus respectively
    11. Calibrate the touch screen using the 'Setup wizard'
    12. Turn off GPRS to disable continous GPRS signal search, will still work and turn on when needed (i.e MMS), found in 'Internet Accounts', 'More', 'Options' and 'CS Only'
    13. To enter service menu, flip closed: jog-dial up, *, down, down, *, down, * - flip open/removed: in phone application, jog-dial up, touch *, down, down, *, down, *

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