I had bought this phone on ebay several months ago, am still trying to figure out why the phone does not show "Verizon Wireless" "Extended Network" etc. Both of my last two phones have shown this, both a Samsung A570, and a Audiovox 9155-GPX.

It's not really a major concern as it has worked perfectly otherwise, I am just trying to figure this thing out.

Is there a way to enable this, did the phone come with the feature and was it somehow disabled?

The only seem edits I have done is to enable Transflash move/copy, and writing of files with QPST. I havent changed anything else, although that does not mean that the previous owner didn't change anything.

Note: I did accidently change a seem that I meant not to, and it somehow locked up my phone, but have since fixed that issue. I believe the only seems that are changed from stock are the above mentioned. And it has never done the Verizon/Extended display afaik, at least not since I've owned it.

Also, I don't know if this is relevant, but a US Cellular V323 responds the same, no banner, and only blinking or solid triangle when on a system that is not the "home" system.

If it matters, in my area they don't technically have Verizon service, and my V710 is always free-roaming on extended on USCC SID 1484 or 445.

Home SID on the Verizon V710 = 28
Home SID on the US Cellular V323 = 1484 or 445 don't remember.

Also if Verizon doesn't provide proper in-network roaming or provide proper service soon in north-central mass (Winchendon, MA) as I travel there often, I may be switching to US Cellular because their national plan WILL free-roam on Sprint PCS..... My contract ends 5/2008