I have an M600i with Profimail, and occasionally it's really quick to open up my folder list, but most of the time it can take so long that the phone screensaver turns on or the phone locks. Of course, when this happens, Profimail stops loading its folder page, so I have to start over again. It just gets stuck with "Profimail" and its logo at the top for a while, then eventually displays my folder list if I keep fiddling with the jogdial on the side to keep the screensaver/lock from activating.

Same thing occurs if I open up my inbox, too.

I've tried power cycling the phone, but that has no effect on Profimail's speed. And I have it configured to check my gmail account every 15 minutes.

I'm running the latest firmware available from SEUS as of a couple weeks ago:
Phone: R9EA001
Bluetooth: R3A01
Organizer: R5A09

Profimail: v2.69

Any suggestions for things I can try to speed this up? Or is this just a problem with the M600i running Profimail?